For ELDERS: Kingdom Ministry School for the 2018 Service Year (Picture)

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  • pixel

    I know Wifibandit will post the pdf soon, this is just a snack for you guys and girls...

  • menrov

    oh yes, almost forgot...bla bla in the name of Jesus...amen

  • _Morpheus

    Dear god im so glad not to be at that extra bore fest

  • jp1692

    Do You See the Fiery Chariots?

    I do see them, and the emperor's new clothes are really nice too!

    Generally speaking, seeing things that aren't really there is a positive indicator of mental illness, a brain injury, or some other cognitive impairment--or cowardly submission to groupthink at the very least.

    Hallucinations are serious things. Good to know they're starting off with delusions and the folie à deux, their shared group psychosis. Best to get that out of the way early.

  • cofty

    "Protecting minors from abuse" - 45 minutes.

    This is tokenism at its worse.

    As a football coach I have attended many training programmes about child welfare. The most basic introduction is a three hour course delivered by a well-trained educator.

    The take-home message is always the same. It is your responsibility to be aware of signs of abuse and to report any concerns to the police or social services. Informing the Football Governing Body welfare department is secondary. In addition every club has a named child welfare officer who undertakes further training and makes sure that everything the club does conforms to best practice - a role I filled for a number of years. Every adult at the club - coaches, managers and some administrators must also hold enhanced criminal record check certificates.

    The Watchtower do not care about child welfare, they care about appearing to care about child welfare.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Based on the talk appears WT is in survival mode. Every talk seems to be about what elders need to do in order to keep the internal workings of their congregations in check. Very, very little focus about the actual public ministry and how to be more effective ministers of the good news. After all...there are next to zero outsider adults being converted nowadays . Makes one wonder if WT is giving up on the 'Witnesses' part of Jehovah's Witnesses!

    Must be why the general public often refer to JWs as 'Those Jehovah's'!

  • sir82

    Nothing about shepherding, nothing about caring for you family, nothing about actually doing field service, nothing about reading the Bible, nothing about hospitality, generosity, kindness,

    Plenty of crap about how elders are supposed to browbeat hour-lagging pioneers, rank suck-ups who want to be appointed, to read? Reading the 4th-grade level WT publications ain't a challenge, folks.


  • sparrowdown

    "Humility or Ability - Which does Jehovah prefer?"

    Well, we know he prefers zero real world qualifications and zero ability the two main criteria for appointment as an elder.

    Humility? Ironic considering you would think to be "appointed" a JW "Elder" with no actual qualifications would keep someone humble but actually it just creates delusions of power and greatness.

    Yeah, let's just say in JWspeak humilty = unquestioning, unreasoning, unthinking, absolute loyalty and obedience.

    IOW "Humility" = we say "jump" you ask "how high?"

  • ttdtt


    Protecting minors from abuse" - 45 minutes.

    No doubt it will be 45 min of - How to keep the WT from being sued!

  • sparrowdown

    " Protecting Minors from Abuse."

    45 minutes of

    "All together now repeat after me.

    Jehovah's Witnesses abhor child abuse. To say we don't protect our young ones is ridiculous.

    JWs abhor child abuse. To say we don't protect our young ones is ridiculous.

    JWs abhor child abuse...

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