Running ahead of Jehovah can be done with a slow walk.

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  • donny
    A few days ago I read a post of someone who has recently awakened to what the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society really is. In their comments, they stated that they had been accused of "running ahead of Jehovah."

    "Running ahead of Jehovah" was a statement levied at me many times during my convoluted journey through that organization. I often wonder how many JW's think about that phrase "running ahead of Jehovah?"

    If Jehovah actually existed and was the ultimate being he is portrayed to be, is such an act even possible?

    Of course, what the Societies representatives usually meant was that your idea or understanding of a matter was something that could possibly happen one day but it was not yet time for God's one true organization to embrace that mindset.

    The first time I recalled hearing that phrase was at a elders / ministerial servant meeting one time at the presiding overseers house around 1985. He was talking about a situation regarding the ability of a woman being able to scripturally divorce her husband if she discovered him to be a practicing homosexual.

    Prior to sometime around 1972 or so, homosexual behavior was not viewed as "pornia" and therefore it was not an act that severed the bonds of matrimony. It was something viewed as an "unclean practice" like masturbation or oral sex.

    The elder commented that before this "new light" of the early 1970's, a woman who divorced her gay husband and remarried was disfellowshipped for "conduct unbecoming a Christian" since she had now committed adultery.

    Then when the Society had updated its teaching on the matter and did consider homosexual sex as something that severed the marriage vows, some asked the question as to the status of those throngs of women who were still disfellowshipped and if they would be automatically reinstated.

    The answer was "No" and the reason given was "they had run ahead of Jehovah" or had "run ahead of the organization."

    I always had an issue with that concept. How could one run ahead of an entity that was the "Most High" and supposedly knew everything and anything there was to know?

    It was a question to which I never received a satisfactory answer to and that phrase haunted me until the day I plugged the hole in my head where the contents of my brain had been leaking out.

    I came to realize that the reason it was possible to run ahead of Jehovah because he was the product of human beings who wandered around the deserts and plains of the Middle East about three millennia ago. They committed their stories and viewpoints to parchment that would later be retranslated and reinterpreted thousands of different ways.

    Unfortunately, some of us just happened to become part of a group who were suckered and bamboozled by the versions presented by Joseph Rutherford, Freddy Franz and other subsequent members of the so-called "faithful and discreet slave."

    Well I for one, am glad that I ran ahead of ol' Jehovah and it makes me happy to see him farther and farther in the rear view mirror.
  • Giordano

    It has always pissed me off that a JW could have an understanding of something the lame Society couldn't but should have figured out. This person gets DFed and then a few years or decade later the WTBT$ figures this out and announces 'new light' but no invitation to return is given to the JW who got there first, who cared enough to run the risk of pointing something out.

    This told me a couple of things about the WTBTS.....they are not bible scholars mainly because they were under educated. They never had god's blessing.......... they valued obedience above knowledge.......and they had no natural love for their followers who had become mostly born in's and also way under educated.

    It's a nothing religion.

  • dubstepped

    Perhaps the organization is just lagging behind instead of others running ahead.

  • Simon

    Fall flat on your face and you have still got further ahead of those clowns.

    It is terrible how they are always right, even when they have decided that the rules were wrong. Anyone actually doing the right thing consistently will always be the one classed as "wrong" while the ever-changing doctrines and rules swirl around them.

  • TMS

    It's simply an injustice to be punished for believing or doing what's right. An organization actually led by a "God of justice" would, at the very least, correct the injustice, removing the punishment and its effects and exonerate the individual who was right all along.

    Only a weak-minded, insecure, narcissistic cult would insist that it was wrong for a member to be thinking faster, more clearly and accurately, or even scripturally, than they themselves.

    I even have a problem with the Bible account of Uzzah being killed by Jehovah for "steadying the ark." I feel his reaction was likely instinctive. Why would he in a split second decide to show up Jehovah? Wouldn't Jehovah have looked even weaker if the ark had fallen over on its side? Maybe Uzzah wasn't a hero, but Jehovah was completely out of line to kill him.

  • Heaven

    They conduct far too much tacking in the wind. They never make any real headway.

  • Heaven

    Here's their reference to the 'tacking' analogy:

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    I guess they've forgotten James 1:6: "But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavers is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. about."

  • jaydee

    A more revelant sailing metaphor for them would be ..

    '' If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable''.....

    ( Lucius Annaeus Seneca...c. 4 BC – AD 65 )

    They do love their sailing metaphors don't they.

  • Listener

    Relying on the wind to guide you isn't going to get you far very quickly and by a direct route.

    Are they being directed by a sailboat or God's chariot?

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