New Lockdowns in The UK

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    Probably see an overall drop in the number of deaths this year..thanks to lockdown.


    Yeah... COVID. Highly infectious but not that deadly. Let’s ruin the economy, cause more deaths than the Scamdemic ever could through Draconian measures...

    Want bacterial pneumonia? Just wear a mask all the time..

    Just take Vitamin D, C, Zinc, get some Sun and fresh air! Yeah, all the stuff the “experts” denied, but are now backtracking on. We need Bill Gates and the FDA to leave this planet. These guys are poised to make Billions off the sales of vaccines that won’t even get the standard testing because they are being rushed at “Warp Speed.”

    I won’t take shit. They can throw me in jail.

    I don’t believe the Biblical End Times story, but this “System” is definitely F’d up beyond belief.



    Punk is right. What happened to the Flu?? How many die from that every year, or heart attacks, or auto accidents, or prescription drugs, or obesity and other preventable diseases? Where is the outrage over these issues?

    This lockdown is completely unjustified. It was an overreaction followed by a constant stream of misinformation and contradictory advice from experts and those in power who have no choice but to either admit how wrong they were, or double down.

    I wonder what course they will choose?


  • Rivergang

    Bloody hell!

    If it were only as simple as taking “vitamin D, C and Zinc, get some Sun and fresh air”.


    It’s depends on whether or not you have co-morbidity factors like being really old, or having a heart condition, or pre-existing respiratory issue, or anything compromising your immune system.

    Keeping your immune system strong is never, NEVER, a bad idea. Your genetics and environmental factors also play a part, of course, but the health of your immune system cannot be overstated.

    No flu shots for me, EVER.... No vaccines for me since kindergarten enrollment. I’m rarely sick, and when I am it’s because I’ve become stressed out and run down, and eating crap food and drinking too much, which goes back to stress for me.


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