Whats in it for them?

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    -By his account, it was not a question of his "waking up" all of a sudden but more of a gradual disturbing dawning of awareness that the men he shared the top table with were above all else wedded to preserving the organization. They were not particularly prone to having their consciences pricked by whether or not a Scriptural basis underlay their edicts.

    Well said!

  • _Morpheus

    I think, as is true of any board of directors (or body of elders for that matter), there are a few general personality types.

    You have a few who are there for the "right" reasons, ie they believe in the cause or company, want to help, do the right thing etc etc

    you have a few who are loyal soldiers and were asked to join the board because they wont make waves and can be manipulated

    some may not have wanted to say "no" because they thought it was an honor even if even if they didnt want the work...

    and some people want power, plain and simple.

    I saw it first hand in losche when was appointed to the gb (i was in Brooklyn unfortunately). Lunatic, full of himself, crazy ass theories that he liked to spout, liked to brag abput how many langues he spoke, talked to down american jw's about american customes and on and on...

    tight pants tony really takes the cake on that though. The final straw for me was during the "zone visit" four or five years ago when he gave the now legendary "tight pants" talk. He sumerized all his asinine self promoting rules by saying, and i quote his arrogant ass directly, "if you dont like you can take it up with jesus". That arrogant son of a bitch actually put HIS words and rules on par with jesus. Although i was fully awake already that was really the final moment of 'oh hell no' for me. And whats worse, he was directly saying he wasnt going to listen any debate about his PERSONAL rules and views. Instead, if you dont like it, talk to his imaginary brother that he gets his imaginary authority from, which is of course impossible, because its all imaginary.

    So yea, some of them may be true believers and some may be along for the ride but at least two of them are power hungry hungry asshats who know EXACTLY what they are doing and why.

  • millie210

    I was at a summer convention just after the "tight pants" speech and the same GB member, Tony ( is his last name Morris?) was about to give the last talk of the day. He started by announcing that the Chairmans office wanted him to tell the "friends" there was a bad storm cell approaching with heavy lightning and to please remain in the safety of the auditorium for the next hour while the bulk of the storm passed.

    Then he "jokingly" said and I am paraphrasing here

    I cant actually stop the lightning friends, that would have to be my big brother that could do that (looking upward and obviously meaning Jesus) I will be able to one day - but not yet

    and then chuckling as though he was being amusingly tongue in cheek.

    I was stunned. So inappropriate even if he does believe himself but most of the audience (not all) obligingly chuckled right along with him.


  • longgone

    I have an honest question to ask about this.

    If the GB really believe they​ are teaching their followers the "truth" and are God's channel to do so, why do they need to use mind control methods? Can that possibly be coincidental?

    I don't personally think so, but then again all my beliefs were wrong for 57 years. So, I just keep an open mind to the possibility that they are completely deluded.

  • _Morpheus

    They dont think of it as "mind control" but they absolutely believe that the sheep cant be allowed to much freedom as they would stray. I have heard that directly fron louches arrogant ass mush mouth during morning worship. They think the rules are a protection for the weak.

  • Old Navy
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    By their fruitage you shall know who is their father

    and their god...

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