Whats in it for them?

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  • Moster

    I have been out for nearly 40 years now - baptized at 14 (although not to the org), but faded away. But I am wondering about this:

    Aside from the obvious power they wield, what's is in it for the GB? Are they getting rich? Are they drawing salaries?

  • cofty

    They genuinely believe they are the seven most important men on earth since the days of the apostles.

    Millions of people hang on their every word.

    All their material needs are taken care of in abundance. They travel the globe in style to speak in front of adoring crowds.

    Apart from that I have no idea what they get out of it.

  • dubstepped

    Pretty much what Cofty said. They believe their own hype. They have power and admiration of millions. They have their life taken care of.

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, I genuinely feel that they honestly believe all the teachings.

    Some people promote conspiracy theories about the GB being in it for other purposes, but I disagree.

    The GB honestly believe that they have "the Truth"

  • Chook

    Can you envision 8 million bowing before big Tony and mr Lett , these guys are having their fill now. They out rank all Judical procedures and fly the world as religious rockstars.

  • zeb

    ...and don't have kids to raise to teach to feed to clothe to school to interrupt your life with spouse to get sick in the middle of the night or to love or to enjoy.

    They don't have jobs or bosses or peak hour traffic and as they never associate with the 'world' have to deal with schools, birthdays Christmas etc.

    They don't have to pay mortgages or face unemployment or health costs as one brother said to me they are so far out of touch they could not hit it with a rifle.

    Jesus worked as a child around his parents. He learned a trade and there was no electric tools then, he consorted with the common man he talked to women not worried by what the self-righteous class said then. He didn't promise some fairy land when all would be well when he healed the sick the blind or the crazy. He had no band to protect him when the things got rough unlike the gb who employ lawyers en-masse to keep them from ever having the face any court.

    but I make my point...

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    They live & travel like royalty, and are revered wherever they go.

    They are self-serving, self-proclaimed, and self-selected G.O.D.'s (guardians of doctrine)

    If any one of them denies the scriptural proof against the org's blatantly false teachings, they are either downright liars or more stupid than any of us ever gave them credit for!

  • tepidpoultry

    They have been Born Again,;;;

    This means they've been walking around feeling quite special way before being in the GB,

    Over millions of others

    Their abba father has approved of them,

    Must be a wonderful feeling if you believe in such things,

    I don't,

    I call it arrogant religious delusion,

    World history shows that this can motivate a person to do some interesting things,


  • DesirousOfChange

    I really think that they are (at least most of them) deluded "believers". They really do think they have God's ear and his HocusPocus direction. And when is person is surrounded by nothing but "Yes Men" they never receive any kind of negative feedback. I'm confident any such correspondence that is considered "negative" is screened by their flunkies and shredded. In the same way, they are only in the company of people who adore and "worship" them.


    Aside from the obvious power they wield, what's is in it for the GB?

    In WatchTower World..

    The WBT$ GB "Rock Star Popes..

    ARE GODS...

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