Does Morality Exist?

by Fisherman 92 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Fisherman

    TD: There is no distinction in the taste of a banana whether someone gave one to you as a gift or not -if taste is all that matters.

    The concern we feel for others, whether it is a gift from God or a device that evolved, produces the same results -well-being.

  • Fisherman

    TD, does it taste the same to you if life is a gift from God or a device?

  • TD

    I have to admit that there is a part of me that would be thrilled if there really was (in the words of James Russell Lowell in The First Snowfall..) a "good All-father who cares for us here below" and this would probably affect my perceptions of life and its meaning.

    I do think an important distinction might have been unclear in this thread and that is the difference between organic evolution and social evolution. Not everyone accepts the former, but there really is no question about the latter. As the human race grew, our moral sense had to grow with it and this is apparent even in the Bible in the progression from a primitive, "eye for an eye" mentality into more productive forms of justice.

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