Describe your witness self, then describe yourself now.

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  • prologos

    as a jw I was all in, genuinely exceeding pioneer and special hours, but working to correct wt's faulty bible research. workaholic on a wt "spiritual" level. now, building equity for my family, see where science leads us, occasional stabs at wt's floundering, errant doctrinal course, enjoying life more and more. precious as it is.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    How do I respond to the comments on this thread?

    I honestly believe, we are all here as writers creating our small masterpieces . I believe each of our posts brings light to the air of who we really are. This forum is our form of artistic expression which we were denied in the organisation. So today I have read all your replys, and I feel if watchtower survivors, can be respecting of each other's moral, religious and scientific stand point, then as a group we have archived something that was impossible in an organisation where independent thinking was denied.

    So I now try to unite in harmony with each poster, even when our feelings and beliefs are contradictory to each other. By doing so I feel I have come along way. A very long way. I am sorry for all those posts when I fail at this objective

    Compound & Complex, your posts made me realize that despite my education (or luck of it) I can use words to express myself. That even if my grammar and spelling are poor, it doesn't have to effect expressing the dominant emotions within me. I can only thank you a thousand times for that.

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