The fact that different states have different laws about child sexual abuse is ludicrous it should be looked at pronto.

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  • blondie

    Yes laws can be different in each state even with murder. Some states have capital punishment some don't.

  • Fisherman
    Also there are laws in each state that would make it difficult to even make a federal law.

    That is why Kennedy brought out the National Guard to enforce US laws that protected the blacks. Also, look at laws now that protect the gays. As difficult as it may seem, Federal laws can be passed that go against local laws.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Congress did not change the law on those two instances. The courts were the ones that changed things. They ruled that the laws were unconstitutional and could not be enforced. So it was not making a new law, but the courts revoked the laws.

  • Fisherman
    The courts were the ones that changed things.

    US Supreme Court = Uncle Sam vs State law.

    It is not relevant how federal laws are legislated in our point of discussion, but that they can be formed and that they can be formed to go against State law and that they can be enforced by US troops And as difficult as it may seem, it has been done and can be done in the future regardless of any difficulty.

  • JeffT

    In the United States, general police power is the province of state governments. Interstate trafficking in sex and child pornography is already a federal offense. If you think your state's laws are inadequate, you need to lobby your state legislature to change the law.

  • Giordano

    I think that sexual abuse of children is a crime in every State in the USA. It's the exceptions that make up the difference.

    Mandatory reporting is not a law in every state as there are exceptions........ mostly for Clergy. That's been working out rather well for a lot of pedophile Clergy who are found in just about every religion.

    If that 'Clergy privilege BS' is sacred to a state then other safeguards need to be in place. What do they say about

    Suspected abuse of a child should have a mandatory need to be reported. You really can't take a chance of allowing a child to be abused. It's a life sentence for that child.

    Statute of limitations need to be fixed as well. We are seeing cases where a child get's no justice until they become adults and decide to inform the authorities. Of course evidence and collaborating witnesses would have to be brought forth.

  • Fisherman
    f that 'Clergy privilege BS' is sacred to a state then other safeguards need to be in place. What do they say about.

    It is not sacred to a state and that is why a +States have formed laws that conflict with US law, namely mandatory reporting laws by the clergy which go against the Constitution. It is US legislation that protects the confidentiality of penitents. Child abuse reporting by the clergy when mandated by State law under a clergy/ penitent setting violates the confidentiality of the penitent. The legal proceedings that have been initiated against JW by child abuse victims challenge the setting of communication between C/P. It cannot challenge or invalidate the clergy status of the JW elder class which has been established by Federal law and cannot be un-established by local courts.

    The WT has already made it crystal clear in Court that they are prohibited by Federal law to reveal confidential communications of penitents even if local laws mandate it. Also, wt does not have legal authority to adjudicate what communications settings comply. Also wt views all church communications with penitents as confidential.

    How many times does wt haters wish that wt ask the gov to make it easy for them by CHANGING US LAW. They haven't becsuse it protects Babylonia -- a bedfellow.

  • Confusedandangry

    Smiddy I agree 100%. Sadly I think the government has many of their own secrets involving their own pedophiles (politicians, presidents, judges, CIA) dating back from the 40's possibly earlier. And many of them were/are protected by the National Security Act. But hopefully after the ARC finishes their investigation, the almighty GB will change their child abuse policy and put the victim FIRST instead of the degenerate. Zero tolerance, let the cops/professionals decide if it was abuse or not. Not some middle age men who have no professional training for those delicate situations.

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