The fact that different states have different laws about child sexual abuse is ludicrous it should be looked at pronto.

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  • smiddy

    It would go a long way in having a law that prosecutes anybody sexually abusing a child or even an adult that encompasses all states with the same laws the same consequences and the same penalties in the country.

    This system that has different laws ,different penaltys , different outcomes depending in what state you live in is ludicrous.

    One country should have the same judicial system no matter how many states their are in that country.

    This state has mandatory laws this state doesnt and the outcome can be so demoralising for those involved .

  • rebelfighter
  • tor1500


    I agree, but the problem is that some folks don't see anything wrong with child sexual abuse...I hope I don't sound prejudice but as of now but rapidly changing....this is a man's world..the age of a female is of no matter to SOME males...Just look at Trump....his kids can be his greatgrands...In the way the world is today, anything goes...I watch TV late at nite and see young ladies that say they are avail. and they are 18 meaning call her because she's legal. Not I'm not saying that anything is wrong with that, because who am I to judge, but some male is calling that young lady...some will say if something bad befalls her it was her fault, she was asking for it, but at the same time she is making a living...whether we approve of it or not....

    I think I brought this up in another thread, look how long it took for rape to be looked as, as not the fault of the victim...for years, it was always the fault of the female, folks thought rape victims looked a certain way but not...they were victims of sick as child abuse...these young folks are victims of sick people...this is what society has not grasped yet...When you have important people who have this sick gene, the law will not deal with it as it should...right now with so much on the internet, society now has to deal with it. It's now in our faces... Child abusers come in all shapes and sizes, they can hide a judges robe, in a Vatican in a hall, a law enforcement person and so on...there are so many cases we know about but what about what is hidden behind closed doors...

    Until sick folks are dealt with and child abuse is really looked at the way it is...a criminal offense, this will go on and on....there should be no question of how child abuse is dealt with...

    A child is raped/abused (JW child)

    The child tells the parent(s).

    Now the parents can go to the police first then to the elders or go to the elders first then TELL them you are going to the police but just wanted to put the brothers on notice, in case the police contact them. If the elders say well, let them handle it, you can say sure, I'll give you x amount of days to report it, if not then you will do it..the brothers may threaten or reason with you about Jah's name and so on...that's when you look at them and say, no problem, you don't have to go I'll go. If it comes to the welfare of your child and reputation of a supposedly man named organization that said THEY WERE GOD'S ORG.(Man said it not God). The child should come first...In my opinion if this is not the first thought a parent should have regarding this situation....there is something wrong... I'm just saying...any sane thinking person would first think of their child and their mental state, that's first, (put it in Prayer, if you believe in God) then call the police....

    Many say on this site that if you were raised in the org. it's easy for me to say go to the police but if you were raised in the truth you were instructed to always go to the brothers....If you do tell the brothers and nothing is done, something inside of you should wake up....The brothers are not trained to do anything but to carry out their duties in the hall. That's it.

    Unfortunately things don't change until something happens to wealthy kids...Drugs have mostly been in the poorer areas, when rich kids starting getting into drugs ( you ask how because most of their parents are over the counter drug addicts), then it was an all out...WAR ON DRUGS, crime is mostly in heavy populated areas also sometimes due to income, but when crime hits the suburbs....then it's WAR ON I feel the same about child's not being talked about...because it's mens and sometimes females little hidden secret...but if and when it hits the rich and famous....then we'll see if all if all states will have the same laws for child abuse...if someone heads is supposed to roll ...there will be a WAR ON CHILD ABUSE..


  • Ruby456

    states have different laws because the subject is complex and controversial. we don't want to go to the other extreme cos one law for every state can have the effect of putting more pressure on and making it worse for the very ones we want to help.

  • Fisherman
    One country should have the same judicial system no matter how many states their are in that country.
    Smid, that is never going to happen in the US. But US laws could be passed making child sex crimes Federal offenses in addition to existing State Penal laws.But as it is written now, murder, sex crimes, and such like crimes are tried by State Courts (unless interstate)and governed by the Penal laws of each state. What the state cannot do is to legislate against the Constitution or Federal laws. But sometimes they do it anyway, and you have a government battle. Look how NY government expressed it would not report illegal alliens but harbors them inspite of Federal laws.

  • zeb

    Australia has seven states. Me thinks what you wish for may well come out of the ARC in the fullness of time.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Absolutely, Smiddy - couldn't agree more.

    states have different laws because the subject is complex - is it? Child abuse is wrong and illegal, and there should be mandatory reporting of (allegations of) cases to the authorities in all states.

    End of.

  • Ruby456

    luhe that ought to satisfy you - but would you put your feeling of satisfaction against the welfare of the children? cos that is what it amounts to.

    end of.

  • Fisherman
    states have different laws because the subject is complex and controversial.

    In the US, that is not true. States have different laws because every state of the union has an independent State legislative body. The United States is not the Confederate States.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Fisherman is right. Each state has independence from the federal government. Also there are laws in each state that would make it difficult to even make a federal law if Congress wants to. Age of consent in some states is 16, the age to marry in some states is lower than others. You would also have to remember Congress would have to allow for more money for federal prosecutors to go to court to prosecute those cases along with federal law enforcement to investigate. The way they could do that is by the use of the purse strings. If Congress can identify a federal funding program that they can use to force state legislatures to view it in the same way. They did that with the drinking age. Each state can identify at what age people in that state can drink at, but Congress said they won't give the state highway money unless it is set to atleast 21.

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