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  • IWant2Leave

    After listening to the Zoom meetings the past two weeks, i started to wonder, what is the real purpose for such short comments. This has been. policy for 5 or more years now. Supposedly, it is so more can comment. I listen to ones who formerly gave such nice well thought out comments, who now basically regurgitate what’s in the paragraph. Why do you think WT haas gone to the 30 second policy? It’s mentioned before each question and answer part.

  • Rocketman123

    Becasue they want people to reiterate exactly whats in the written paragraph and not waste time or extend time which inevitably screws up the allotted time for the entire WT study.

    This happens a few times where someone prolongs their answers far away and above what is deemed appropriate or necessary.

  • Phizzy

    I think it is so that no one introduces any thought provoking ideas. They are so S**t scared of anything that challenges what they say is "the truth".

    Strange that, the Truth will stand any scrutiny or challenge. The Lie, not so.

    If I was till a JW, I would see no point whatsoever in attending a meeting, I can read the material for myself I do not need some half illiterate jerk reading it again for me.

  • truth_b_known

    The use of the word "study" in Book Study and Watchtower Study need to be removed. There was a times when people were encouraged to do additional study to contribute knowledge at the meetings. Now it is just a brainwashing exercise.

    I am not being facetious. An example of brainwashing is to have the intended target repeat the same thing over, and over. So, how are these "studies" to be conducted?

    1. Reader reads aloud to the congregation Watchtower material usually 1 paragraph at a time.

    2. Conductor asks a questions.

    3. Audience member recites the portion of the paragraph that directly answers the question.

    There is no thought or study that is required in this activity. This accomplishes 2 things -

    1. It assists in the recent shortened length of the meeting.

    2. It prevents members from doing research, especially in older publications or non-Watchtower sources, that could possible cause the member to question the material as being true.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere


    They dont even call it a book or watchtower study now. It is a BIBLE study using the (insert publication)

    They were stop timing here for a bit and dinging at 30 seconds. The pointed comment that " that was over" must have dampened participation too

  • hoser

    They also took away the ability to give talks on the ministry school that allowed research and coming up with a theme.

    Yep it’s all about control

  • FedUpJW

    Ones who formerly gave. . .nice well thought out comments. . .now basically regurgitate what’s in the paragraph.

    It prevents members from doing research.

    These two comments are pretty well spot on.

  • bunny

    When I offer a comment for the watchtower Bible study I give my comments in my own words. I also do my research besides the information that is being covered in the paragraph. That is what I learned in pioneer school.

  • hoser

    I thought commenting in your own words was a sign of spirituality.

  • bunny

    Commenting in your own words means that you do not repeat something just because you have read it. You answer what you have understood from the topic that is being presented and you complement your comments with your additional research.

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