Return of the Dub (plus surprise guest)

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  • midnight

    <p>And my point will be this: Since Jehovah is taking action in Noah's Day and it is drastic action--it would necessitate a righteous government in order to prevent another plague of evil. It was God's decision NOT to begin a righteous government at that point.<br>Noah and his family are no different than any human family or families after Armageddon in the future. <br>GOD IS IN CONTROL and His is the responsibility.<br>When our military goes into a country and devastates it--they take a "You break it-you buy it" approach to rebuilding. Look at Japan after the Atom bombs were dropped.<br>General Douglas MacArthur stepped in with interim government.<br><br>If we can do it--God could have done it.</p>

    So what would you say if Earl mentioned the first prophecy regarding the kingdom at Genesis 3:15 needed to be fullfilled ? ie Jesus ransom sacrifice ?

  • Finkelstein

    If logic stands to reason why would god kill off mankind and leave just one family when that family still retained the inherent sin of Adam, making humanity return once again to evil, exactly to the state before the flood ?

    You would think the all knowing god would have known and realized that !

  • nowwhat?

    I hate to veer off target but on a similar vein, why didn't an all knowing God foresee the disasterous consequences of allowing the angels to materialize on earth in the first place?

  • Diogenesister
    But I imagine that Earl will keep in my mind several points. One being what you said about your Grandfather and all those religious salesmen

    I absolutely LOVED that part.

    I was desperately trying to imagine a Texan accent telling the story...probably failing. I wish I could hear your voice!

    Can I ask have you ever penned any of your great grandparents stories ? I would love to read some. I'm obsessed with American history.

  • Diogenesister
    Terry et, it's mysterious and almost inevitable--except nothing but death is inevitable. It is a magic only possible IF YOU ACT and say the right things and do the right things.

    Absolutely. It is never, EVER a waste of time trying to wake someone up. You never know when the penny will drop, perhaps because of something you said.

    You can tell what sort of witness I was, can't you!

  • Giordano

    Three thoughts about the Noah account.

    First it never happened.

    Second why did God drown unborn babies? That makes him, her or it......... one of the great abortionists. I doubt that those unborn babies were thinking about being wicked.

    Third......... what a great timely opportunity to send His Son down to the world to give a witness for good deeds and worship of the Father.

    But No...... every man, women, child as well as the unborn and all of the animals had to die because God threw a fit about how wicked the world was.

    I know it's nonsense but the JW's believe this crap just like they believe their paradise earth will be built over the bones of the dead.

  • TerryWalstrom

    I plan never to argue doctrine, scripture, or exegesis because you can't establish one OPINION over another OPINION.
    I have to navigate around the rocks and off the shoals.
    The minute a JW opens a Bible or reaches for a Watchtower it is a losing proposition because their magisterium is eisegesis.

    I will dance around the usual arguments about the Trinity and such. As a matter of fact--I've had it up to "here" with the idea of debating dogma. I did that when I was younger and that's how I ended up older :)

  • deegee


    How about this argument?


    Since it's all about killing humans, if God could almost wipe out every human during the Flood and plans on destroying humans again at Armageddon then why not just destroy Adam & Eve before they had any children and start over again, and keep starting over if necessary, until he got the perfect couple, since it's all about killing humans?

    There would be less collateral damage. All of the human suffering, all of the wars and diseases could have been avoided etc etc.

    Or is t that God can only be satisfied if there's some drama?

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Well done Terry! A valiant effort. Yes, seeds were "planted." The Well Indoctrinated Witness Mind is the rockiest sort of soil; nearly solid rock, but perhaps a seed or two found a way into a crevice or crack where it may take root and split the rock.

    You felt physically drained following the encounter which is typical. One of the two was more experienced in the art of "making the sale" while "deflecting the seeds" and you clearly felt his psychic pressure to break your resolve. Standing up to that sort of pressure, which originates with the Father of the Lie, can be exhausting. You did it well!

    It is true that wickedness took hold again following the flood and re-population, but, that was in the Great Plan. Satan's essential job was far from finished.

    Stage One - eliminate (or greatly reduce) the Nephilim Influence.

    Stage Two - Employ the Lake of Fire to finish the work of eliminating wicked desire. What is yet to come will be much different.

    The Lake of Fire is not fatal to Mankind.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Quote from Now What?:

    I hate to veer off target but on a similar vein, why didn't an all knowing God foresee the disasterous consequences of allowing the angels to materialize on earth in the first place?

    He did! It was all part of the Great Plan. It encompasses the Whole Creation. The Final Outcome will be very, very good.

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