wt's idea of the ideal family headship

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  • waton
    That may be the case at the congregation you know. I saw that in one elder at a congregation I studied.

    jp: it takes a while to see behind the curtains. In my active years as a special, it was often the assignment to abate conflicts created by strong domineering personalities.

    believe me, wt would love to have drone elders tempered by their ruling wifes, but, that is another can of worms altogether.

  • menrov

    It is all lip-service or window-dressing. These magazines are used by the WT to show the public how good they are. 7 times the word perfect is used and 3 times perfection.

    Although he had great authority, Jesus did not expect to be served. Instead, he served others.​—Matt. 20:28.

    Well, not HAD. I believe He (Jesus) still has great authority. Actually, His authority is above all others (but with exception of the WT leaders).

    “My husband and I sometimes have different opinions. But I feel that he appreciates and respects me because he asks for my opinion and carefully considers it before he makes a decision.”

    Did you notice: Before he makes the decision. So not a joined decision

    Remember that Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, even though it was viewed as a slave’s job

    So, in bethel house and resorts, what household tasks do the gb or leaders have or do? Who cleanse the rooms, toilets etc?

    Jehovah “richly provides us with all the things we enjoy.” (1 Tim. 6:17)

    So, there is no poverty among JW's?

    Recognize that you and your wife are now “one flesh,” and no other human​—not parents, not children, not even elders—​can be part of that partnership.​—Matt. 19:5

    And what about the influence of the WT on your relationship and on the time you can spend together? Grammatically: partnership refers to 2 or more people. If the couple is one flesh, there is no partnership as they are seen as one (which is never the case in WT land)

    Do not expect your wife to follow cultural traditions or attitudes that are not in harmony with Bible principles.​—Prov. 3:5, 6; Mark 7:13.

    what does this mean? Kick her out if she does not follow bible principles that WT considers as mandatory principles?

    Do not demand submission; set an example by submitting to Jehovah’s direction as found in his Word.​—1 Cor. 11:3.

    WT who teaches not to demand submission, do you do the same?

    Do not demand respect; earn it.​—Eph. 5:25; 1 Pet. 5:3.

    So, you do not believe the gb leaders are the FDS? You do not have faith in them? You bear the consequences.....

    Provide for his family’s material needs

    Strange that this text is not included in the paragraph:

    1Ti 5:8 But if someone does not provide for his own, especially his own family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

    Like his Father, Jesus trains those under his authority in a loving manner.

    So, wives are under your authority? And JW's are under the gb authority, right?

    Overall, as usual, Jesus is not really a full example (only one assigned to him). there is more to discuss but you get the picture. You wonder sometimes though: if, according to WT, Jehovah is the "perfect" example, why did Eve eat, why was Cain a killer, why was a flood needed, why so many wars etc etc.

  • john.prestor
    It's all fluffy nonsense, I'm with you. And "Don't demand respect, earn it," is pretty rich coming from the Governing Body.
  • Overrated

    Seeing that the Governing Body can't even predict their way out of things from day one. Has made a lot of doubt on leadership roles in family. Jwism has a very poor view of women and children. I can't follow treating my wife as a second class person. A relationship is a partnership, a two way street where both parties are equal. This Jw stuff just doesn't work.

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