Working for a JW, and you get df'd, would you be fired ??? is it legal ?

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  • Swan


    Don't assume that you are the only one. If the Ministry of Labour has had other problems and has a history of such discrimmination, it adds greatly to the validity of your side of the story. If he did it to you, he probably did it to others, and will do it again. You have nothing to lose by reporting him.


  • mizpah

    In the U.S. the laws are now more sensitive to discrimination for any reason. So, one would probably have legal recourse. But the questions one would have to ask before seeking it are:

    l. Is the legal expense going to be worth the trouble?

    2. Do you really want to go back to an employment situation where your employer is antagonistic.

    Usually, employers will never admit to discrimination. And the burden of proof will fall upon you since you would have to prove intent. Employers who want to get rid of an employee will usually give other reasons, downsizing, reorganization, etc. It seems hardly worth the bother. In some businesses, it would seem that a person would be better off to start his own and not have to deal with the headaches above.

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    here's a second part to the question,

    if brother A employs brother B, and brother B gets df'd, and brother A is an elder, would he be under pressure from the congregation to not employ him ??? Is this a JW rule ???

  • mizpah

    I don't think there is any specific rule to cover this situation. But I'm sure that an elder would be put in an awkward position under these circumstances. (Example for others...etc.) And I think he would try to find an excuse other than the disfellowshipment to get rid of this person.

    There are many way of getting unwanted help as evidenced by the "downsizing" of many industries. What usually happens is the senior people with benefits and good salaries are let go for younger and less expensive employees. Of course, they never admit to this reason. But it happens.

    The same type of strategy would be used in this case, I am sure. I knew of a case that didn't involve a disfellowhipped brother. But it was interesting how the elders handled it: A brother who was in position of responsibility hired a "brother" who turned out to be inefficient and lazy. Since the brother was boss, it was his responsiblity to tell the "brother" he was no longer needed because his work did not measure up. So he fired him. The elders approached this brother and counseled him that he wronged this "brother" and should never have treated him thusly. They refused to listen to any reason that was presented. The brother eventually did a "fade out" and never went back to that Kingdom Hall.

  • rocketman

    I know of one case locally where a brother was df'd and then quickly "laid off". To my knowledge, he did not pursue the matter. It was a small comapny. The guy in charge is an elder.

  • RoadDoctor

    It is seems that all JW's are into the "cleaning" business. Not knocking it by any means, however, has anyone else noticed that most witnesses have a problem with authority? They never want to work for anyone but themselves or another witness. There was a very popular witness disagreement between a witness boss and one of his witness employees. Wow, did things get interesting (finally) at the meetings.

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    I kow of two cases where the Society has given direction on matters of this kind. In both cases they were pretty direct in saying you can't mess with people's employment because they are disfellowshipped.

    Case 1

    Disfellowshipped person applies for job, is told simply not possible because has been disfellowshipped. Person consults lawyer and tells potential employer intends to sue, employers calls Legal in Brooklyn for help and is told they'd better hire disfellowshipped person pronto because they are toast. Disfellowshipped person decides not to sue and drops the whole thing.

    Case 2

    Person works for company and is disfellowshipped. CO wants owner to fire disfellowshipped individual and says he will have privileges removed from any other Witnesses who work for company if they stay and disfellowshipped person is not fired. Local congregation writes to Service Desk. Service Desk replies this is no one else's business, including the CO, that it is illegal to fire this individual and that no action can be taken against other employees.

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