Anyone here like jogging?

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  • drwtsn32
    I'm thinking about going to my Dr to see if she can recommend anything.

    Sorry, I don't have any ideas. And I'm a "he" not a "she"!

    - Dr Watson

  • inky

    I had the same trouble when I started. Usually that means you are doing too much too soon. Kick back a little. Also check your running form. Don't run on the balls of your feet. I would also invest in a good pair of running shoes. Sometimes you have to experiment to see what is causing the pain.


  • Elsewhere

    *** Smacks Dr. Watson in the back of the head ***

  • lawrence

    Ran 5 and 10k races in 1984 & 1985 before running the marathon - 26.2 miles in Miami in 1985 - still run a few times a week, but last week a former Witness buddy from Canada and I agreed to run a marathon again in 2004. Lots of training, running and weights, and those damn shin splints need swimming and a rarely mentioned way to control them - reflexology, self performed. Running is where/when everything makes sense, as well as b-ball! Endorphin explosions encourage holy discussions.

    peace and blessings- lawrence

  • tinkerbell82

    the more i think about it, the more i am so excited for you elsewhere! that is so cool that youre loving it so much, i remember how i was when i first started running, i just wanted to run ALL the's GREAT! im so happy for you :)

  • lawrence


    I tried DMSO for the shin splints as it was advised to me by an Aussie long distance runner I used to run with in south Fla., but found there were many side effects. That's why I believe that swimming after running, and then soaking in a pool or tub is the best thing, and then perform reflexology and accu-pressure on yourself. Makes a big difference! Of course, the right shoes for one helps - I search the web for Brooks Chariots (circa 1980's) - they were the best long distance training shoe for me/pronator. Once you get past 6 or 8 miles, the shoes are the biggest determinant I found.

    peace and blessings - lawrence

  • Princess

    I'm back in training for a marathon. I love running. Inky said she might do a 5K in a few weeks and I'm telling you she WILL do a 5K. I need someone to run it with.

    i get shin splints when i run on asphalt. avoid that is you can. my legs do the bets on a treadmill. other than that, icing helps...but theyre a fact of running life

    I disagree. It's true you should run on a softer surface than concrete or asphalt when possible, but in this area it's pretty hard to avoid. Running on a treadmill is a whole different sport IMHO. My physical therapist told me he doesn't like treadmills because you are trying to keep up with the belt instead of using your muscles to propel yourself. He said it uses different muscles. A friend and I did long runs together all last fall in preparation for a big run. She ran mostly treadmill during the week, I ran outside. She had a miserable half marathon and I finished strong. It uses different muscles. Not to slam treadmills, every runner has to use them sometimes and if you use them exclusively, you will probably avoid a lot of injury. I ran on one yesterday! As far as shinsplints go, I guess I'm lucky, I don't get them. I did hire a personal trainer for a few sessions to help put together a weight training workout to help improve my running. She said they are caused by overtraining your calves and they are out of balance with your shin muscles. There are exercises you can do to train your shin muscles and improve their strength. Inky gave you good advice. Find a running specific store in your area and get fitted for some good running shoes. A good store will watch you run and make you run in the shoes before you buy them. A good pair of great fitting shoes should alleviate any foot pain and help with problems like shin splints. Make sure you tell them all the problems you are experiencing. The latest issue of Runners World has a shoe buying guide in it. Also check out their website for more information on shin splints and running injuries. Running is awesome. I'm glad you are so excited about it elsewhere. Wait until you run your first 5K, you'll be flying. Races really motivate you. Something about being surrounded by runners and the crowds cheering you on. Good luck!

  • m0nk3y

    Yeah Shin Splints suck elsewhere .. I get them to when I first start doing things like running .. they go away after about a week. Somtimes they are caused by to much pressure on the front of your legs from being a bit over weight. It happens.


  • Special K
    Special K

    Hey elsewhere

    I do my best jogging... to the fridge.

    and I get that good high, from the ice cream I find there.

    Maybe, I need to move my fridge to the neighbours house. That way I'll have to jog farther.. and after I'm used to that I'll just keep moving my fridge farther away.. Eventually I'll get up to 5 k.

    Good idea!

    Seriously, though..

    Good for you.. there's nothing like getting going to make your mind clearer and your body healthier.

    Keep up the good work all you joggers.

    Special K

  • MrsQ

    Hey, Elsewhere!

    I just started myself--about 3 months ago. It IS addicting, isn't it? I love that I can go longer each time I run...I can see myself making progress.

    My goal is to run a 5k race for my next birthday. I'll be 30 and I think that would be an awesome way to celebrate...

    I get shin splints, too. I think stretching is a must...also, I'll take 1 Advil before I go, and that usually eliminates the problem. I know I have a serious over-pronation problem (i.e., I run on the ball of my foot), and I am pretty sure that is the root of the problem. I was thinking of getting those custom shoe inserts, but they are expensive. For now, I just got a good pair of shoes, and it seems to help some.

    Congratulations on getting up and going! I admire ANYONE who runs--because it is so physically and psycologically challenging--especially in the beginning!


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