JW's and Retirement Planning

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  • frozen2018

    Years ago a talk titled "Responsible Childbearing in the Time of the End" was given at an assembly. I've often wondered if they would ever give a talk called "Responsible Retirement Planning in the Time of the End." I'm extremely thankful that I took a path that includes a great retirement plan which includes retiree health care.

  • pale.emperor

    My mother got "the truth"™ when she was 15. Baptized when she was 17. She's now 62 with absolutely no retirement plan or savings. She lives from week to week like she always has. Good thing she lives in the UK where she'll benefit from social housing and medical care. My never JW brother tells me she spends every waking moment on the ministry or carts. She's finally acheived her life-goal of becoming part of the congregation clique (but this is also because the clique from the 90s/00s have since woken up and left).

    When she finally croaks I'll wait and see if JW. org have a whip round for her funeral costs. I'm not holding my breath.

  • WTWizard

    Everyone should prepare for what lies ahead. In normal times, one should save something for retirement. Whether they invest in stocks and bonds (a bad idea now, given how bloated these markets are today), in gold and silver, or in other hard assets, or a mix of the above, having something is a practical necessity. For sure, joke-hova is not going to supply you with anything, and neither is the washtowel.

    And they don't plan for calamity, either. The "Time and unforeseen occurrence befalls all" line they spout out means nothing, either. Are you prepared for a snowstorm? A hurricane? Most jokehovians are not. And they are not prepared for an intermediate-duration supply disruption, such as what I am expecting for this pandemic. They would not be ready for a three day grid down blackout--that exercise in November 2013 is a good drill to see how ready you are if the power goes out, say for a bad storm. They trust too much in joke-hova, who wants as much suffering as possible to harvest energy to enslave the whole planet.

    Is it really that hard for them, in normal times, to spend a few toilet papers on a silver dime or quarter from time to time instead of giving it to the washtowel? Or, to put a bit into a retirement savings account? When you are expecting a supply disruption or power outage, is it too much to buy a few extra cans of soup or a tub of peanut butter at Krogers instead of wasting it on joke-hova? Or, a few candles and/or batteries? The gas they waste on field circus could have been better spent on the above. It might not be that much, but it is better than nothing when an emergency happens.

    Or, what about getting a decent job instead of pious-sneering? That is how people end up broke in the first place. The extra 15,000 or 20,000 per year could buy a bit of retirement nest egg, whether in paper assets or physical assets (or a mix of both). It can also mean being better able to prepare for short- or intermediate-term emergencies such as this pandemic.

    All I know is, if the jokehovians start begging and pleading me for any food during this coming supply disruption, batteries for a storm blackout, or silver when they have nothing for retirement or the dollar becomes toilet paper, I will tell them in German "Dass ist Pech für dich!" (meaning "that is just too bad").

  • Finkelstein

    The anointed members of god's chosen organization said that this system of things would end before I got old so I never saved up for retirement.

    I guess " The Truth " wasn't the truth after all.


  • ToesUp

    We are currently watching our entire family suffer from lack of savings over the years and zero higher education. They are now in their late 60's to early 70's. They are working still. Hard jobs too. The younger ones still in the borg? They are still living with parents and being subsidized by other JW family members. Remember....if you Pioneer, are a need greater and doing all the good JW tasks that Mommy and Daddy tell you, we'll "help" you out. Once the money runs out, these young ones will be in the same boat as those now in the 60's & 70's. Sad, you can see it coming.

    "Over the years my Mother has told us that her spiritual family is more important to her than her biological family"

    I have been told the same thing above. It's hard to believe it actually comes out of their mouths.

  • Cadellin

    I suspect that many younger JWs (40's and under) are towing the organization line about the end being SOOOO close while at the same time quietly putting $$ into retirement accounts, working on a degree part-time or online, and otherwise taking care of business.

    I want to add--the only reason my husband and I have any retirement savings is because I got a degree (then another one, then another one) and now have a great job with benefits. Totally NOT what the organization says to do.

  • Finkelstein

    Dam those lying corrupt religoius charlatans who govern over the Watchtower Corporation !

  • LongHairGal


    I am laughing at what you would say to ‘jokehovians’ coming to you asking for money or provisions when they didn’t prepare for retirement, etc.

    By the way, their Sin isn’t so much that they failed to prepare..but that they made it a point to scorn and persecute people who DID.

    I totally agree with what you would say to these JW hypocrites, except I would say it in English:...“That’s just TOO bad”.

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