JW's and Retirement Planning

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  • JaNayNee

    My mother is a JW. I studied for several years and ultimately could not digest what was being served. For the last 20 years my mother has done nothing to prepare for retirement. The Organization and local congregations discourage this and market it as a "lack of faith" though many wealthier members actively save large quantities of money and are not shamed for it.

    Over the years my Mother has told us that her spiritual family is more important to her than her biological family, because we don't believe and will not be here in the "new system"-however, when my Mom had her heart attack, it wasn't the spiritual family who spent countless hours, around the clock, caring for her. Nor does her spiritual family help her pay the bills, and I doubt they will be taking care of her in retirement. She will be relying on her biological family to support her financially in the coming years- the same one she and her congregation shame and shun for having a different belief system.

    To the leaders of this religion and local congregations, it is irresponsible to make promises that "the end is coming" before someone will need retirement income- when the bible clearly states (if this is your unit of measure) that NO ONE KNOWS WHEN THE END WILL COME. No one. It doesn't say "NO ONE, except the governing body, KNOWS WHEN THE END WILL COME. So, IF you are still a believer in the old book, you have a responsibility to take care of yourself and your retirement so that it doesn't fall to your children- whom you have neglected and emotionally damaged, in favor of your "Spiritual Family." The Watch Tower Society and governing body should be ashamed and should be taking financially responsibility for the welfare of its aging members- or stop teaching such damaging practices.

    Perhaps when they recalculate the end times (yet again) they can suddenly have some biblical enlightenment on retirement planning and not being a burden to those very family members you have alienated.

  • JoenB75

    If there was any fairness these hardworking Publishers should have some dividend from the Jw fortune. It is "family" after all.

  • DesirousOfChange

    You are so right!

    Many, many elderly JW's end up shitouttaluck when they reach retirement age having done little or no planning because they were supposed to be in the Panda Petty Paradise by now. But the Congregation will help them -- help them apply for food stamps and Medicaid and any other free benefit that the Wicked Worldly Government will give them.

  • truth_b_known

    There was a woman in my academy class who looked vaguely familiar. During the academy one of our instructors always took time out to provide advice on how to plan for retirement. By the end of the academy this woman stated to the instructor during class that she appreciated the advice because her parents taught her that "this system was going to end before she ever got old." She went on to state to the class that her parents were now of retirement age and had not saved at all for it.

    At graduation I saw her parents and then I remembered that some 15 years prior her father, an elder, gave the Sunday talk at my congregation. I was embarrassed for her because at our graduation ceremony her dad went around with a Watchtower and Awake magazine and tried to place them with other people attending.

    That was 18 years ago.

  • LongHairGal


    I’m sorry your mom fell for this big fat con job.

    Back in the late ‘70s I came into the JW religion as a young working adult. They tried everything they could to get me to quit my full time job. Mind you, these were older JWs who were collecting their pensions and were obviously in the workforce. I ignored them. I was hardly invited anywhere. But, that’s okay because I am Retired now. I cringe when I think what would have happened if I listened to these hypocrites. They went to their graves living a cushy life and aren’t even around to help anybody unfortunate enough to have listened to them!

    Your mother is not going to get much help from her ‘spiritual family’..and people there who worked and were criticized are not going to want to give her anything.. Maybe a brother with a business can offer her a job. Or, you will get stuck helping her out. And that’s the way it is.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    An elderly sister told me of the time a life assurance man called on her. She said to him, "but I am not going to die." He nearly fell over backwards when she said that.

    She died some years ago.

    She had no retirement plan but had been helpful throughout her life to many. Somehow she managed. But I watched out of her window as pioneer after pioneer walked passed her window because she was not someone they were looking to date. She was old, was no good for gossip or having a laugh. Worse still, she was baptised so you couldn't count your time with her.

    An elder, not known for being thoughtful, did one kind act. He told his children they could count their time with her. Suddenly she had more visitors.

    If it was WT policy to care for elderly ones, not one of them would be without care - the younger ones would rally round but they are discouraged from doing so. After all, someone's got to spend hours next to a literature trolley being ignored by the public, haven't they? Otherwise all the homeless people would wonder where their day-time companions had gone.

  • JimmyYoung

    My wife's family has gone down that same sick road. Now there has been a change of attitude. No more making fun of us for investing. Its not a victory for me. Its more sad to see. But they only have them self to blame. I am no genius and saw this was stupid long ago even when I was gong to the cult. I was grabbing every job I could get and opening a CD every time I saved five grand

  • Finkelstein

    This is what happens when people make a personal vow to lying corrupt sinning apostates (leaders of the Watchtower Corporation) who created their sins by being commercialized false prophets teaching and preaching a tainted version of Jesus's to come New Kingdom order.

    This is what happens when people accept these charlatan's teaching and writings whole heartedly and now nothing has appeared they are left poor unable to work or sustain a healthy cared for living.

    The GB men on the other hand are well looked after in health and dental care, they even get tennis courts, swimming pools and air flights to travel around the world.

    They live a lavish life right up until they die.

  • carla

    This is a huge worry for ubm's and how to deal with their jw's. A topic that never ends well in my experience. Still trying to figure this one out myself.

  • Moster

    JaNayNee - well said, and I concur 100%.

    My folks thought the same way "we just never thought we would still be here", when I asked why they didn't have some savings.

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