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  • Sabin
    Do you think it is easier for an elder to wake up to the WTBTS because of the position he is in which gives him access to info that the rank & file would not be privy to, or do you think it would be harder for him to wake up because of all the prestige/power/admiration he receives as a result of being an elder, or does it come down to something else entirely?.
    I think no matter what, if you're use to the kool-aid, then you're gonna drink it
  • burnedout
    I was an elder for 11 years and the constant stream of letters from 'mother' to the BOE kept pulling back the covers and showed the org for what it is. Highest on my list of growing concerns were letters about handling sexual abuse. It became obvious that an elder had or would soon be exposed to personal liability.
  • theliberator
    I was an elder for 14 years. I was removed for no given reason. But that is another story. As an elder, I don't know if I would have had time to think things through. That is why the Watchtower wants to keep you busy. But what happened next is what made me "weaker". I joined sign-language for four years. In that silent environment, I was getting "nudged" repeatedly. The arrogance of the sign-language group jumps out at you like a shark. Elders pioneering but not going in service. Just driving endless miles literally doing nothing yet attacking at any given moment. To make a long story short, being relieved of elders garbage, allowed me to run with the information I found against the Watchtower. I was out overnight. I was very shaken by it. However, my mind was now ripe to accept it. I believe if you are an elder heart and soul, it is hard to wake up. But if you are run down, tired, or doubted accepting this in the first place, it is easier to wake up.
  • millie210

    I think it is easier for them to wake up but harder for them to leave.

    Great thread Sabin.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Probably easier for an elder to wake-up. Always getting letters from the society which would seem weird, the rank and file piss-ons are totally oblivious to this. Just always told to obey and not question.
  • Robo Bobo
    Robo Bobo
    I served at Bethel. Some of the things I came to find out disturbed me greatly. One of the things that disturbed me even more was that there were people who knew more than I did and are still just going with it.
  • Skedaddle
    This is off topic but i don't want to open a thread about it. Is anyone on here an ex london bethelite from the last 10 years? I just have a simple question to ask. Cheers.
  • stuckinamovement
    What Millie said from personal experience.
  • crazy_flickering_light
    Elders can do more research and don't get to fast in trouble like the normal rank&file. But step down, fading or leaving would be very hard for them.

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