What does the Armageddon Genocide Actually Accomplish?

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  • xjwsrock

    Why murder 8 billion non-believers to just turn around and resurrect 20 billion other non-believers?

  • Lieu

    I wouldn't worry about JW interpretation of anything. Seriously. Non believers would actually be people who don't acknowledge that Jesus is the Messiah and came in the flesh.

    JWS have no moratorium on Jesus, they hardly acknowledge him, unlike other Christian sects.

    If armegeddon did happen, the JW is  likely to be shocked at the ire of God due to their complete disrespect of his arrangement which is to make Jesus the name known.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Think about the FS hours they can report, 20 billion nonbelievers compared to

    8 billion nonbelievers who think JW's are some nutty religion.

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    There MUST be a band called Armageddon Genocide.

    Carry on.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    To put things in perspective; to resurrect one person would be the most amazing miracle.

    It is now understood that the number of people who have ever lived stands at just over 100 billion.............

    Once you start to believe Bible stories as if they are true; you can be persuaded to believe anything however stupid.

  • Diogenesister

    The only way that is ever gonna happen is walking dead style....

    Bloody good point though.

  • Vanderhoven7

    An excellent question. Better for nonbelievers to end it all now before the big A hits.

  • ttdtt

    Yes Half banana - its 100 billion.

    Like always the WT uses only stats they like - the 20 billion is a very very old estimate, that convenient for them, they never revised.

    Why? Where would you put them? How could a major portion of them reject the "truth" after being resurrected?
    And how long would it take to resurrect them then teach them.. bla..bla..bla..

    I used the 100 billion figure in a talk once, and a elder challenged me on it (even though I had referenced where it came from) but he of course did not want to believe that any info like that could change in the 50 since he read about it in a WT or Awake.

    Funny how this 1 thing can bring down the ENTIRE house of cards if you think about the logistics.

  • TheWonderofYou

    How many CO2 emission would 100 billions resurrected effect, think of food production plus 1 car or bike/person or such things. Place would be enough on our planet, but how much trees would have to be planted more that 100 billions could breath fresh air? Such a climatic balance would be interesting.

    Tips for correct behaviour in the kingdom:

    1 . Please dont move to much, otherwise  your expiration air could exceed  your daily maximum emission, dont do sport in the morning, better watch more TV, in sitting position you expire less. If you get nervous without regular sport you should watch our morning worship with yoga education to ease and calm. 

    Remember the your yearly  Co2-emission in resting state is: 168 kg p.a.
    but if you continously load your lungs at movement your emission is already up to : 2040 kg p.a.
    The golden kingdom rule for bodily activity will be updated monthly in the Kingdom news.

    2. Think of your new surrected sisters and brothers as well, share your bike with them, until the bethel factory will produce enough for everyones need.

    3. Dont speculate - stay reasonable - about the length of the period in which the people will be surrected. It is clear - and the GB knows that - that if everyone would be surrected instantly at the beginning of the millenium the earthyl clima balance could not stand this grass growing population. So please wait for Jehovah to solve this problem. You will soon enough meet your dead family members as soon as the climate will bear the increase of population. Place is enough on earth.

    4. The same is with the fish, many of us like fish, but we will have to wait for further development, the quanity of fish has been reduced in armageddon due to irradiation but will shall trust in the promise of the lord to increase the fish for his disciples after the end will come.

    5. You shall not doubt in Jehovah and mourn over 9,2, billion humans in 2050 wo died (Armageddon was also 10 years delayed and so the number was more than jehovah expected) - 9,2, that was the UN statistic. This loss was necessary to make place for new people, yes, yes, who are not least better or more nice than the annihilated men, but Jehovah had to demonstrate his power, they have been warned, dont forget.

    6. Trains

    Please dont expect to get always a place in the trains.

    7. Dont forget if someone will not except the truth after he is resurrecte he will leave us sooner or later, what would result under the theocratic priniples the prompt cutoff. So if someone would be excommunictate that would be a new place for someone to get surrected.

  • TheWonderofYou

    8. If you buy our prepre...preprepared packages with semen of wheat and other plants that fit to the actual CO2-rules regularly you get a 20 % allowance plus free entry to the kingdom orchestrial concert in the beautifal Tuskany arena/amphitheater that is the afterparty of the annualmeeting. Motto Do good and behave good, dont remember of the former times, forget those onse you have lost. Find new friends. 

    The "generation armaggedon" will have to learn new techniques of food production. We will not produce more food then necessary, how in the time before armagedon. Millenia-old and new methode will be combined to achieve the best outcome. Please attend our regional weekly conventions, yes weekly, to take part in the "agricultural lessions" in which you learn to plant and choose food and to cook according the CO2-rules.
    This year we cannot plant any sort of plant because of the bilance. That will be many years to come a day-to-day harmonisation, but with unified effort of Jehovah in mind people, we see a fine future.

    9. Dont breed animals secretly. They produce much CO2 and in the new world the food will be only plants anyway. The subject is not that killing animals is unethical or that Jesus once was perhaps a vegetarian, but its simple a CO2-rule, if you dont agree to this rule, please speak with an elder, you shows you scriptural advice about loyality.

    10. Only the kingdom rules can provide social rightousness and just distribution of the food, this means for you: dont be afraid of sharing food anylonger. 

    11. The ecological commensurability will force us to change our mode of life, Only if we all live according to this simple life earth will withstand and we can await and welcome hundreds of billions resurrected hier on earth. But withouth armagedon nothing would have changed. Actually armagedon was not a "killing" by God, but men destroyed their plant themselves. If we wouldnt have had our bunkers we would not have survived.

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