Watchtower August 2020 Are they introducing new light?

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  • Listener

    The latest Watchtower is now out and they make this statement -

    7 During the Thousand Year Rule of Christ, all of Jehovah’s earthly children will have to make changes to please him. So all of them will have true fellow feeling as they help the resurrected ones to combat sinful tendencies and to live by Jehovah’s standards. (1 Pet. 3:8)

    They have taught for decades that those on earth will not become God's children until the end of the thousand years.

    This is from the ws 2012 7/15

    God’s friends: The other sheep are God’s friends. They will become part of God’sunited family at the end of the thousand years when they become his children...
    God’s children: All who are part of God’s family. The anointed have already been gathered into this family, so they are now children of God. At the end of the thousand years, all people on earth will also be God’s children

    Also, the teaching is found in the W 06 2/15

    At the end of the Millennial Reign, all these “things on the earth” will be subjected to a final test. Those proving faithful will be adopted as earthly “children of God.”​—Ephesians 1:10; Romans 8:21; Revelation 20:7, 8.

    Surely this can't be an error by the writers since they go to great lengths to keep their teachings consistent and thoroughly check their articles.

    The idea was that the other sheep would only be adopted as God's children at the end of the thousand years, after they had reached perfection and proved themselves faithful after that final test but the new article states

    all of Jehovah’s earthly children will have to make changes to please him.

    This means that they are saying that they are God's children before they make changes and are therefore earthly individuals who are still imperfect and living during the thousand year reign.

    Now the 64 thousand dollar question is, at what point in time is the Watchtower now teaching that the other sheep are considered to be God's children? And also, what other new teachings will they alter to go along with this? Such as, the other sheep now viewing Jehovah as their true heavenly father (in every sense), having Jesus as their mediator, being part of the body of Christ, being part of Jesus' congregation, being part of the New Covenant and having the law written on their hearts?

    Or am I simply over-reaching on this and if the Watchtower were to defend what apparently looks like a new teaching would simply say that they were referring to 'potential' children of God because, after all, they were referring to earthly individuals who will one day be children of God being at the end of the millennial rule?

  • waton

    This shows the childish confusion of the wt g.o.d. guardians of doctrines.

  • Hisclarkness

    I think this is just more of a slip up on the writer’s part in not paying attention to their own doctrine. They didn’t even think about it that deeply. They just naturally referred to those ones as earthly “children” (which it should be) not even realizing that someone would read it the way you did. They do this all the time throughout their literature; say one thing over here and say something different over there. Just another example that these are just men talking out of their necks.

  • slimboyfat

    My understanding was that the other sheep don’t become spirit sons but, under the description “all creation” in Romans 8, are given “the freedom of the sons of God”. As in they share the same “freedom” as sons, but are “friends” of God, rather than sons. I can see that can’t be right from your earlier quotes because it says the other sheep actually become God’s children too. I’d need to read all this more carefully. The wording of the new Watchtower might be unintentionally contradicting the idea of the other sheep becoming children at the end of the millennium. Because new light tends to be introduced with more fanfare than this in recent times. (Which GB member was it who said: “We love this new teaching, brothers”?) In fact Watchtower has taken to listing items of new light in recent years as an annual inventory of alterations to be proud about.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    why are you so concerned about this twaddle now you're out?

  • smiddy3

    How can anyone keep up with the flip flops double speak and contradictions JW`s make ? Its got to the stage where even the writers of the publications cant keep up with what they currently beleive as truth ?

    Come to think of it ,maybe its a good thing ,surely someones going to throw up there hand in despair and say enoughs enough? I can`t take it anymore ! Let me outa here .

    Next thing you know they are here

  • Listener

    Thanks SBF. Your explanation sounds correct. I have also heard that they introduce some new concepts slowly so that when they introduce a new idea more completely, the sheep are more open to the idea, some saying that they always believed this (new light) to be the case.

    Stan Livedeath, I suppose you could say it's a hobby of mine but in recent years I like to keep up with how they operate.

  • menrov

    all of Jehovah’s earthly children will have to make changes to please him.

    So all of them will have true fellow feeling as they help the resurrected ones to combat sinful tendencies

    and to live by Jehovah’s standards

    In other words, it is not enough to please God before the 1000 years, now also a long road ahead to please God even more...... a never ending struggle....

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, that is the one thing that always bothered me when I was active in the JW was a never-ending struggle to please God.

    The scripture: “...probably you ‘may’ be concealed on the day of..”, always bothered me. The Jehovah’s Witnesses always wanted everyone to feel undeserving, guilty, worthless, etc. I am sure this is intentional.

    No wonder many ex-JWs have issues they have to overcome.

  • BoogerMan

    @ Listener - Didn't you know the "slave" teaches JW's that during the 1000 years reign, people who have lost body parts will grow them back gradually? Is that what they mean by saying the ransom buys back what was lost?

    g70 10/8 p. 25 - "Even after the end of this system of things, the survivors of the “great tribulation” will still have imperfect bodies. Some will need restoration of diseased or missing organs. This healing of all mankind will take place during the thousand-year reign of Jesus Christ."

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