Looking for Podcast recommendations.

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  • nonjwspouse

    Mike Rowe's podcasts are amazingly good

  • Terry

    My son, Jason, has a Podcast so successful it has run 14 years now.

    Image result for entertainment landfill

    A staggering variety of topics awaits the curious ear ...

  • snare&racket

    Interesting Guests /stories:

    Joe Rogan

    Adam Buxton

    Serial (season 1-3)

    The Shrink next door

    Mark Maron


    13 minutes to the Moon

    Infinite Monkey Cage


    The Life Scientific


    This Past Weekend

    Joey Diaz

    Bill Burr

    The MagicTavern

    Richard Herring

    XFM Karl Pilington Ricky Gervais Steve Merchant (archived online)

    Howard Stern radio (via youtube)

    Not for the faint Hearted:

    There are hours and hours ...literally weeks worth of comedy/interesting discussions via the radio show from New York called "The Opie & Anthony Show" . It's run by comics and they have no restrictions on what they say or discuss, It is literally the best/funniest radio of all time but it is not for the faint hearted......at all!

    Start with anything that has Patrice O'Neil in it, he has so much charisma, street wisdom and humor in every cell of his body. It is just hilarious! All on youtube...be warned once you start, you will be addicted.

  • dubstepped

    I host the Shunned podcast but it sounds like it's probably too long for you to listen to.

    If you like comedy and religion then Zealot, How To Heretic, or The Drunk Mormon Podcast might be something you like.

    If you're interested in prison life then Ear Hustle is a good listen.

    Dumb People Town is funny. I also second Bill Burr's podcast The Monday Morning Podcast that was mentioned. He's great.

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