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  • rusholme

    Hi everyone! Thought I'd introduce myself, give a little of a background story. I've been a short 3 month member of jwr, so now I'll try to visit you guys instead.

    I'm in my mid twenties today, live in Sweden. Grew up in a family with an active Jehovahmom and inactive dad. Followed mom to meetings til I was 12, then stopped and lived a rather "normal" life until I was 19. Started to wonder about life, turned to JWs for anwers, went hardcore. Dropped med school, baptizm after 8 months, regular pioneer asap, and soon ministerial servant. Life was great.

    Until 2 years ago, doubts began to rise. Cognitive dissonance kicked in, but 6 months ago I started to investigate for real. And woke up rather abruptly. So three months ago I pulled a fast fade, stopped visiting all meetings, field service, and also denied all contact except relatives. Things have gone quite well since then, much thanks to the support from jwr.

    I still need to process some things, learn, and start figuring out what I'll do with my life. So I look forward to getting to know this board and its members! I'd also like to thank everyone who makes these communities what they are - including the closed jwr, and this board I'm writing in now. Without the hard work of admins/mods it would not be possible. Alongside all regular posters who contribute in their own unique way. Applauses to you all!

  • MarkofCane

    Nice introduction. Welcome.

  • millie210

    Hi rush,

    Good to have you here and look forward to hearing more from you!

  • aboveusonlysky

    Welcome to the forum, glad your fade is doing well.

  • GrreatTeacher


  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Welcome RUSHOLME!

  • dothemath

    Hello and welcome! It's great to hear news from other countries (if you're fine with sharing).

    Congratulations on recognizing the "truth".

  • smiddy

    Welcome rusholme this is a great place to be.


  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Welcome rusholme.

  • Ladybug Girl
    Ladybug Girl

    You're doing great, rusholme :) I think you'll be an ex-ex before you know it!

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