Do you consider fellow posters as strangers?

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  • outnfree


    For the most part, those posters I've met are pretty much like their online persona. A very few were not, which surprised me and even hurt my feelings. And a very few have become very dear friends -- some of whom I have NOT met ... yet. :-D


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Befire I came to JWD I had met about 20 posters from another board all non-JWs. Everyone of them was great and was exactly how I thought they would be and I even married one of them

    A couple of weeks ago I met a few of the posters here, JH included, all great people that I would love to meet again.

    I have never been disappointed. People are pretty much what they seem to be in a long term situation like this. Talking to someone once and then meeting them would not give you a very good idea of who a person is. But coming on-line and reading their thoughts and ideas and experiences gives you a pretty good idea of the type of person they are.

    Now mind you on other boards I have had serious run-ins with people who like to cause trouble for others. Or they are just nasty people on-line. I have chosen not to meet them. If I don't like them on-line it would take a lot I think to meet them and overcome the inital feelings about them.

    But so far so good

  • Bendrr

    No, I now look at them as potential friends.

    Every time I've had contact with someone outside of this board it has been rewarding and I've made some very good friends.


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