Do you consider fellow posters as strangers?

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  • waiting

    OMG! When I saw the thread subject,

    I thought the same as Tammy...............but she'd already posted it. Thanks a lot, Tammy.

    waiting - as strange as the rest of us. Some days stranger.

  • waiting
    I started hundreds of threads and responded in thousands of posts gave my opinion on many topics and posted my picture. - jh

    We've noticed that too.


  • JH

    So I hope I'm no stranger to you.

  • Hamas

    No !

    I love every single person on this board.

    I consider you my friends.

  • Gopher
    I love every single person on this board.

    That's all well and good. But what about us married folks? Can we get a little "brotherly love" too?

  • ballistic

    I'm sure some of the people who I met thought I was "ballistic" in some way until after they met me. And yes I consider some here friends. Some very *special* friends.

  • shamus
    I don't believe it has anything to do with the internet. Internet is not evil. Either you trust someone or you don't. Either you get along with someone or you don't. As time goes by, if you still consider a person a stranger, it's because you have no affinity with that person.

    That is absolutley true... the internet is not evil. I do trust pretty much everyone here, except for SOJ, LOL! I get along with pretty much everyone here, too. All's what I'm saying is you never know if when you meet someone they're a doctor, lawyer, janitor, or a guy living in a van down by the river. Some people are compulsive liars. I have no doubt that pretty much 99.9 percent of people here are 100 percent geniune. In fact, I would LOVE to meet any of you in real life, and visa versa, (I hope!)...

    To be a complete stranger? No, I would treat nobody here as a complete stranger. But to have a relationship in RL, it would take more than just knowing each other on this board.

  • Swan


    I thought the same as Tammy...............but she'd already posted it. Thanks a lot, Tammy.

    Is this the JWD equivalent of being called second at the Watchtower study and saying, "Same thought" after the brother has run all the way up to the front with the mike?

    Yeah, we're strange, but I'm stranger!


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    I view fellow posters same as I view people at work or at a large barbecue party. Some I feel drawn to, others I dislike on sight, and others I am completely indifferent to.

  • termite 35
    termite 35

    friends to me are simply people that I like that I have a relationship with, it dos'nt matter to me where I meet them, so all the posters I hav'nt 'met' on here yet are hopefully ' friends to be ' ...??!

    I'll always be here for anyone whether i've spoken to them or not, and I'm sure most of you would do the same.

    Posters that I have met up with have all been wonderful - and the relationships that have carried on outside the board are just as supportive and caring as the ones with friends I met in other ways.

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