What is happening in India?

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  • Vanderhoven7
    Still hoping to get confirmation of the rumor before questioning Jehovah's Witnesses directly.
  • Anakin
    On a JW site, that was confirmed from a JW who lived in India a few weeks ago.. had received a letter of the Indian branch about that . They stopped to print the magazines! The WT, and Awake.. The reason was not mentioned..
  • Crazyguy
    The WT has pulled the plug on third world countries they don't care. If the religion can get more followers in a third world country do to the peoples efforts, those that live their fine but all expenses will also be on the backs of these people.
  • JWdaughter

    Other Christian groups who do humanitarian work can bring money to the country but anti conversion laws keep out non Indian nationals and money. The wtbts likely can't get a waiver on the money transfers because they are only there to convert. Humanitarian values are not JW values. They aren't providing schools or clean water out of Christian love.

    In fairness to WT they are shutting down India for lack of options. They are not self supporting and govt doesn't allow hq to send any to subsidize.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    NO, the JW's aren't a humanitarian. Not hardly ''charitable'' at all. A lot of Christian groups in areas they take in donations to feed the homeless and take in donations to accommodate the homeless. Hardly something as humane would the Borg do.
  • JWdaughter
    Religions have to get a waiver to transfer money to India and it requires actual charity, no evangelism.
  • Magnum

    Beth Sarim: Curious as to why it's happening in India, and only India and why you don't hear about it elsewhere!!

    I think the thread that the OP refers to gives the reason why it's happening in India and not everywhere. I can't find the thread. I wish somebody would post a link.

    Vanderhoven7: Still hoping to get confirmation of the rumor before questioning Jehovah's Witnesses directly.

    Are you referring to questioning JWs in the U.S.? If so, I wouldn't think they'd know anything about it. Can you find the thread and post a link? It seems to me that it was validated in the thread. It seems that I remember somebody in India sort of challenging it and then posting later that he himself got validation of it.

  • Vanderhoven7
    Magnum: I started this thread because I couldn't locate the original thread. I've been communicating with a seasoned JW and he knows nothing about it.
  • SnakesInTheTower


    I would not be surprised. I was supposed to be engaged to a sister in India back in 06. Then about 50k jw in india. I personally spoke to Service Dept. In India by phone. Things have never been quite up to GB NY standards. Congos are little fiefdoms. JC about to get you? Nothing a bribe of cash and alcohol can't fix.

    Thankfully the engagement ended in 06 when I visited, my time as an elder ended when I got back, and my time as a JW ended a few months later.

    Good riddance to all WT printing or digital EVERYWHERE.


  • Magnum

    SnakesInTheTower - thanks for the link.

    Vanderhoven7 - see the comet's first post on pg4 (in the link provided in the post above this one) and then his follow-up on pg5. See also sillygirlforgotpassword's post on pg5. Seems to me to be legitimate. However, I wouldn't expect any JWs outside India to know about it. We know far more about what's going on in JWdom than do rank and file JWs.

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