Most Poorly Written JW Book

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  • JW_Rogue

    So I was thinking the other day that the WT corp has produced thousands of books over the years. Although the writers have changed the style is almost always the same. However, some books are just worse than others. Now I'm not really talking about dubious claims or false prophecies because it would be easy to identify those. I'm talking about books that are really just poorly written from a style viewpoint.

    My nominee is "Draw Close To Jehovah", my wife has been listening to the audio reading of this book and it's really bad. Every paragraph is stretched out with multiple unneeded adjectives and adverbs. Over the top flowery language is used to describe everything about God and Jesus. Each example from the bible is gone over in excruciating detail as they try to inject emotion into the biblical accounts. Never before has a book had so many words and said so little.

    So that's my choice what's yours?

  • ttdtt
    It is really bad - but the Blue Creation v Evolution is the worst by far.
  • slimboyfat

    Only with some distance do I now realise how badly written Watchtower magazines and literature are. At the time I couldn't see mistakes or clumsiness at all.

    I did notice that the Isaiah books were extremely repetitive, who couldn't? It was the last book I attended regularly.

  • Darkknight757

    I laugh every time I try to read the "Imitate their Faith" book.

    What a piece of trash.

  • ttdtt
    Yea they are all bad, just in different ways.
  • sir82

    The "Isaiah" books were, bar none, the absolute most boring books ever written, not just by the WTS, but by anyone, anywhere, any time.

    The "Imitate Their Faith" book is pretty bad. The book would only be 10 pages long if they removed every instance of the words "likely", "probably", "no doubt", "must have", "in all likelihood", "reasonably", and so on.

    All that, after the prologue assures that faith is based on "solid evidence", not mere speculation.

  • JW_Rogue
    I laugh every time I try to read the "Imitate their Faith" book.

    After I read the section on Abel and Noah I realized it was going to be a book of speculation and nonsense. The bible accounts are there but they need to drive home their own message. I did find the section on Ruth disturbing, no explanation was given for why Boaz felt the need to tell his men "Not to touch her". This supposed to be God's chosen nation right? Sounds like a great place to be a woman.

  • OneEyedJoe

    My picks, just based on the ones that I remember, not including things from before my time:

    Award for most ridiculous doctrine and prophecy interpretation: Revalation book

    Award for most poorly researched/intentionally misleading: Creation book (I now call it the evolution book because I firmly believe that anyone who reads it and the sources they use and thinks critically on the information will have no choice but to accept evolution)

    Award for most likely to have been written by an illiterate teenager: Whatever the latest release is. Their quality of writing has been declining steadily over the years, so I have no doubt that they have and will continue to top themselves each year.

  • crazy_flickering_light
    Imitate theit faith - absolutly the baddest actual book. What could be, what maybe be and so on. I miss something like: "Maybe they have a beer, look at the sunset and talk about the day." Well, maybe they do it, I hope so for them.
  • JW_Rogue
    The "Isaiah" books were, bar none, the absolute most boring books ever written, not just by the WTS, but by anyone, anywhere, any time.

    Yeah, who's idea was it to make it a verse by verse study? And some of the parallels they tried to draw really didn't make sense. Who are the modern day Tyre and Sidon? LOL Nobody that's who it's ancient history! Now they want to get rid of types and anti-types except they can't because the whole religion is built around them.

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