Why It Is So Easy To Shun Disfellowshipped Family & Friends

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  • micheal

    Basically they feel that a disfellowshiped person deserves to be shunned. They argue that they knew the rules going in and they have no one to blame but themselves. They also believe that the person is more "wicked" than they really are. But bottom line they are told to do it and if they don't they won't fit in with the rest of their "brothers"

  • minimus

    It's also a lot easier to accept when you're believing that God is watching you and therefore you must follow His directives. If a person REALLY does believe this, they will abide by it and remain "faithful".

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    "Having no natural affection."

    Does that bring something to mind? I'm an awfully awful apostate, and still I love my JW relatives. I'm not talking about merely tolerating them, I really do love them and try to have meaningful relationships with them. However, something seems really "off" about it, since they were raised in the same environment I was, and still they don't feel the ties of kinship I do. May be just me.. I dunno..<shrug>. There's no reason that they have to shun me, since I wasn't baptized but was raised in it. But they still, in a way, shun me, which is almost worse than declaring me dead. My Mom is a pioneer, and she doesn't hardly call at all..and that hurts since the rest of my family (the ones not JW) I am in contact with daily! So yes.. having no "natural affection" for your own blood counts right up there in my lists of wrongs..


  • minimus

    Good point about being "wicked". Most JW's view the df'd one as simply "wicked". they may never know what action prompted the df'ing. All they know is that 3 men said they were unrepentantly "wicked". And even if the person BEGGED for forgiveness, it would mean zilch if the 3 Stooges------I mean elders, deemed otherwise.

  • lisavegas420

    minimus writes: Besides, if those that are shunned realize how much love their "brothers and sisters" really have for them, they might come around and get their lives saved after all!....

    my parent must really, really love me....they've been shunning me for years.....


  • minimus

    At times, those with disfellowshipped relatives do not know how to apply the Society's interpetation of shunning. Oftentimes the elders will "lovingly" readjust those that believe they are just simply talking to their family members on a "spiritual basis". So the elders will explain that by their even limited association, they are not helping their relative to see the importance of coming back to Jehovah. The family is told to stop having ANY unnecessary dealings with those DF'd. So when a parent "lovingly", completely shuns their child, it is because they are showing their complete loyalty to Jehovah above anyone else.

  • minimus

    If YOU ever had a friend or family member disfellowshipped, did you ABSOLUTELY shun them or did you find ways to talk to them?

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