Why isnt the overlapping generation( interpretation), consistently applied to these scriptures.?

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  • evilApostate

    Simply because when these words were written, they weren't intended to imply an over lapping generation, they were expressively intended toward the generation of people living at the time.
    Sorry folks but that's the truth and the facts.

    Exactly! Thus, the prophecy failed 2,000 or so years ago.

  • prologos
    Stan livedeath: "--these overlapping generations will by no means pass away until all these things occur."
    does that sound better ?

    It does, because it proves,that the wt is wrong already, before anything happens to confirm it. because the generation is not supposed to pass away, but wt charts show they will pass away. sooner, before, "-- not-- until all have passed."

  • stuckinarut2

    Great thread Smiddy!

    Yes, the society's cherry-picking nature what defines a "generation" is mind blowing. Those other scriptures are excellent references!

    Never in the history of civilization has "generation" meant anything other than one group of people...

  • Finkelstein

    One should bare in mind that WTS's doctrines compile one after another in continuous framework of support of another, such when did the Gentile times end according to the WTS theology of 1914.

    From that year on what supposed to happened didn't or failed, why because 1914 was wrong obviously.

    Its easy to see that the JWS religion was founded upon false teachings, false date setting and not following the guidelines set by Jesus himself in preaching the Gospel as it was written... etc.

    They may have been advantageous for literature proliferation in the act of charlatanism but they weren't obedient and loyal to Scripture and to further extent to Jehovah.

    This video shows the inherent corruption orchestrated by the WTS and its leaders.


  • smiddy

    The generation depicted on the front cover of the Watchtower showing faithfull believers that would not pass away.

    Did in fact pass away everyone of them .

    The Governing Body then had only one interpretation of a generation that was consistent with the Bible When that failed then they had to re-invent what a generation was in opposition to what the Bible says about a generation.

    The overlapping generation "New Light" only came about because of their failed prophecy/interpretation of scripture because of their admission they are not inspired nor are they infallible.

  • atomant

    So all jw's need to ask themselves this question.Because the GB have admitted they are not inspired nor are they infallible ( how can they teach an accurate knowledge of the bible?).

  • steve2

    All attempts to square "Scripture" with current and upcoming events could be stopped in their tracks by contemplating the following question:

    "How can you interpret ancient writings in terms of current and upcoming events when they were "prophecies" about upcoming events back in the day they were written?"

  • BluesBrother

    In C of C, Ray Frank spoke of the liberating effect of coming to " let the Scriptures speak for themselves without being first funnelled through some fallible human agency as a channel ". He said he was astonished at how much of their import he had been missing.

    If we let Matt 24 speak for itself it is plainly saying that whenever the end period should come, those who saw it would see the end of the age in their lifetime.... and not to be hung up on when - just carry on living a Christian life .

    All this baloney about overlappers is an invention to protect their commitment to the mathematical chronology hungover from the early Adventists.

  • nicolaou

    From the Times of London; looks like those damned generations may overlap for longer than expected 😃

  • prologos
    Smiddy: good scripture: Philippians 2:15 : -- a crooked and twisted generation--"

    The wt generation has turned out to be just that, crooked and twisted. like a rope, endlessly intertwined, currently in two groups, spliced together from the other frayed ends., that have disappeared in the fog of passed time. since 033 ce.

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