Missionary in Asia works part time as teacher told by Bethel hand over pay check!!

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  • fulano

    This story sucks.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Fulano....YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!! This brother I knew was from the first Ministerial training school in Australia in the 1990's I was invited to his graduation at Bethel. It all turned sour for him on his first assignment.

  • fulano

    Or he was not a missionary, because in that case he would live in a missionary-home, or he was sent as a pioneer, but that is another story and position. Believe me I have been a real missionary for almost ten years. So give the facts as they are. Most MTS graduates were not send as missionaries. In fact it was rare. A pioneer, even assigned by the branch, and even graduated from MTS is NOT a missionary. In fact if he would have been a missionary he wouldnt have had time to teach, with his home-duties and 140 hour requirement.

    "he had expenses" you say. As a missionary you don't have expenses everything had been taken care of, housing, lights, food and you have your allowance. So try again.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Oh I see what your saying. You are correct. But the point is he was sent there told not to marry for 2 years and they took away his wages.

  • fulano

    The two years is what they promise entering MTS, so now this is the point?

    In which asian country did this happen?

  • OnTheWayOut

    I know you are trying to be factually correct, Fulano. I am sure they didn't have a Missionary home in that country if they didn't allow a missionary Visa. But the idea is sound that he went to do "their" bidding, the only way to do it there was to work, they wanted his money figuring he would do this "for Jehovah."

    They are scum.

  • fulano

    Hi ontheway...

    I don't like these headings which are half true, and I don't think it is good for the image of us who are against the cult now. I would like to know more details, the country, was he perhaps a SP and did the society help him with the move and arranging his Visa. Personally, during my service I never had any complains of this mentioned kind nor have I heard any from someone. In fact the society paid all our clinic, dentist bills, I just put it on the home-inform and never had any complains. I mean, just the fact we are not in or even against makes it not right just to make up stories.


    Well there are "missionaries" from South Africa Bethel who are working in China under the guise of being English Teachers !

    Oh................I forgot - its part of Theocraptrick Warfare to be deceptive .....

  • wifibandit

    He got busted on his G-job!

    Any seasoned Bethelite knows you only G-job for "Gifts". That way WT can't take it or force you to burn a Vacation day.

    He should have quoted:

    w13 7/1 p. 4 - The Watchtower—2013

    Can You Trust Religion Regarding Money?

    The apostle Paul said: “It was with working night and day, so as not to put an expensive burden upon any one of you, that we preached the good news.” (1 Thessalonians 2:9) Paul worked as a tentmaker to support his ministry.—Acts 18:2, 3.
  • Robo Bobo
    Robo Bobo

    as already pointed out, it's right in the vow of poverty:

    6. To turn over to the local organization of the Order all income received from any work or personal efforts in excess of my necessary living expenses, unless released from this vow by the Order;

    I know at least 5 brothers in different countries who paid their monthly salary to the branches. It happens in restricted countries where missionaries have to work to get a visa.

    How strictly it's enforced depends on the branch you're under.

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