237,000 illegal migrants in the last 5 months... is it time to intervene?

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  • silentbuddha

    Wall Street Journal -

    "While families, along with a relatively small number of unaccompanied children, now make up 60% of arrests at the border, total numbers are rising as well. The Border Patrol made 267,900 arrests between October, the start of the federal fiscal year, and February, compared with 136,209 over the same period a year earlier."


    The number of people being caught at the border now are mostly from Honduras, Gutamala, and El Salvador.

  • Tobyjones262

    We should shut down all immigration for 20 years. We did it before to let those who came in assimilate. We and the west are being overwhelmed and losing our culture to destructive groups like Muslims. We should also put a $100,000 dollar fine on anyone knowingly hiring an illegal.

  • truth_b_known

    This issue will never be solved.

    The Republican elite class of Washington, D.C. need to help their buddies in their home districts fill cheap, unskilled labor jobs to keep overhead down and maximize profits.

    The Democrat elite class of Washington, D.C. require a permanent underclass to keep them in office.

    Human Trafficking is close to surpassing narcotics trafficking as the number illegal business in the world. Mexican Drug Cartels could literally stop the manufacture and delivery of controlled substances and switch to human trafficking with out losing one red cent. There are too many geo-political powers that rely on this trade to make their fortunes.

  • silentbuddha

    I am a small scale farmer, I employ Americans. All my employees and laborers are black and white... 18 to 62 years of age.

    I have people of this same demographic who ask if I am hiring.

    They aren't lazy and 3 of them are college students here in the rural south.. I am tired of people saying americans wont do this work.

    Our counties resources are used to care for and supplement migrant workers, illegals, and anchor baby children whose illegal parents have taken jobs of locals.

    It is ridiculous.

    Stolen s.s. numbers and other schemes are well known, not to mention the strain on schools. I will take a wall, but I'll also support a bill that puts these families in upper middle class dem strongholds and corresponding schools

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    the problem was made years ago. now there is "family" already here for lots of the migrants. And they do not assimilate and learn the language because they form their own neighborhoods and districts; if I want to talk to them I need to learn Mexican Spanish. I noticed my neighbor had a bad accent when I first met him but it went away when he found me to be a decent person and not prejudiced against him. (one of the ones I like) Individually I like almost all the migrants I meet, but you cannot solve the world's problems by having everyone move to the US, (or Europe or Austrailia.).

    There is also an upswing in diseases thought to be gone because these people bring them in; nothing against them, it is their health system that failed in their own country.

  • DesirousOfChange

    We should also put a $100,000 dollar fine on anyone knowingly hiring an illegal.

    Then there would be no one in California to mow your lawn.

  • silentbuddha

    I know multiple landscaping companies that have gone out of business due to the influx of companies packed full of immigrants

  • waton

    History will repeat itself. It will one day take decisive action to create a small enclave, Like The State of Israel is for the Jewish people of the world, to have safety for the creator tribes of the present, so desirable, not yet walled countries.

    Native voters will have to learn to vote in a monolithic block, as a tribe too, to avoid being over-ruled by the infiltrating hostile minorities. and

    Do the lawn you own.

  • redvip2000
    The Border Patrol made 267,900 arrests between October, the start of the federal fiscal year, and February, compared with 136,209 over the same period a year earlier."

    Ok, but you were positioning this as the number of illegals that came in and are now "flooding" our schools. But the reality is that it is the number of illegals arrested and that are NOT flooding anything.

    Nevertheless, I agree on the premise. The thing is, the data shows that illegals come in legally (visitors, work visas, etc) and then simply stay and never go back. What are we doing about that?

    Do we have a program of tracking these people down and send them back?Well no, because the orange conman is too busy appeasing to the droves of morons that voted for him on this single issue, and don't understand that a wall is not how you resolve this.

    Also, 3 percent of all cars are properly searched at ports of entry. Do we have a plan to expand ports of entry to properly search all cars? Well no, because the orange conman is distracting the country with plans to build a useless wall to keep the feeble American idiots happy.

  • silentbuddha

    Many of th ese individuals caught at the border a tree e realised into the population straightaway. Others are held for periods of time and then also released. Some are actually deported, others just disappear.

    Families in particular are released into various communities and th en disappear. Their children end up in the school system sucking resources that belong to citizens.

    Yes half of the people enter legally and overstay visas, the other half cross borders. It can be tackled on both fronts.

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