I left the organization

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  • Issa

    I left the organization. My awakening was this month of July, the first week of July. I couldn't answer my own questions about the organization or the doctrines, I couldn't understand the prophecies, I couldn't figure quite well what I was feeling.

    I'm going to write a disassociating letter. Straight to the point. This organization is not the truth. God is not directing it. And there's no of the world. Men is suits, frail old men calling themselves the GB...they didn't die for me. I'm aware of the consequences. My sisters would limit their contact, but I believe that they'll see the organization for whatbit is. I doubt two loving parents woukd allow their daughters to remain in a Pedophile paradise org.

    Thank you everyone for your support and advice. I'm so glad and relieved I'm not the only one alone. I can begin to live a life. To love the people around me and truly see a wonderful future ahead of us.

  • Londo111

    Congrats. The difference between you and those who have not left is you did research. Many JWs couldn't explain or even understand their own beliefs, it goes over their head, and they don't examine it. And many times they are too too afraid to.

    I would encourage you to wait on your decision to DA. Continue to quietly research, work toward fading if you can. After the emotions calm down, then you could be in a better position where the DA route is best for you.

  • cofty

    Congratulations. The rest of your life begins now.

  • jp1692

    Welcome to the rest, and the best, of your life!

  • dubstepped

    Awesome, though I'm sorry. We disasaociated and it was so freeing. Just realize that you can't un-ring that bell, so look at your circimstanes and see what is right for you. If you have no family in, and want to do it, blow it up. If you have family, don't be impulsive. Just make sure you know what you're doing. I personally wish more would take a stand and disassociate and make the membership feel that discomfort, but realize most won't. We intended to fade but refused to play their games.

  • fulano

    Well done...yo'll love it. Be strong!

  • Are you serious
    Are you serious

    Congratulations! It's totally worth it no matter how difficult it may seem at first. I would suggest you weigh the pros and cons of disassociating. Once you disassociate you will feel the wrath of the org's control on family and friends. If you become totally inactive then you can still have some association. Weigh it carefully. Whatever you decide I'm sure you'll be fine after all is said and done.

  • Ding

    I hope you don't lose family contact completely.

    Just be aware it could happen.

  • sparky1

    Congratulations...............and welcome!

  • ToesUp

    Welcome to your freedom!

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