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  • kaik

    My list would be

    1. Jan Huss, reformer who defied Pope and Emperor and died on stake in 1415 as he spoke against abuses of the medieval society.
    2. Maria Antoinette. Yes, it will be strange for many of you, but I admire her. She was unfortunate victim of the French politics. She could leave France to save her neck, but she stood by her husband until his death. She lost everything and everyone who she cared about, but unbroken and defiant dies under the blade without compromising her position. She was extremely dedicated mother and loved her children dearly.
    3. Woodrow Wilson, he was idealist, but he put foundation toward international cooperation and understanding. Much of his visions were not fulfilled.
    4. Emperor Diocletian who wanted to preserve Roman Empire and was the only emperor who resigned and lived in retirement. He choose life of solitude in Salone over greed, power, and wealth of Rome and with it entire Roman Empire. Very a few in the position knows when to step down unlike him.
    5. Emperor Julian Apostate. Last non-Christian emperor, great supporter of Jews and propagator of religious tolerance of the Antiquity. Within twenty years after his death, Roman empire suffered large defeat in 378, pagans were purged from army, and pagan educations was outlawed.
    6. Jan Kubiš and Jozef Gabčík, assassin of Reinhard Heydrich in 1942, the mastermind of Holocaust. In the peak of the German war machine, deep within occupied territory, they carried one of the boldest resistance attack of WWII.
    7. Gorbachev. It was extremely brave to disintegrate extremely brutal communist system and lets millions of people to be free.
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    Well said Kaik!
  • kaik
    Thanks truthseeker.
  • prologos
    Xanthippe Marie Curie 2. Emily Hobhouse 3.Lady Mary Montagu Eglantyne Jebb--
    these are not Heroes,-- Sheroes.
    one of mine, Johan Kepler, disfellowshipped Mathematician who defined the first laws of planetary motion, still in use today.
  • Xanthippe
    prologos7 hours agoXanthippe Marie Curie 2. Emily Hobhouse 3.Lady Mary Montagu Eglantyne Jebb--
    these are not Heroes,-- Sheroes.
    I've not heard that expression before Prologos. Hero is either male or gender-neutral surely. Well I've learnt something. Yes it's strange isn't it that Save the Children is part of the Disasters Emergency Committee in the UK and always on the ground where there is a war zone or human suffering but no one knows Eglantyne Jebb's name.

    The same with Mary Montagu, her enthusiasm and influence as an ambassador's wife which got the royal family interested in inoculation added to the effort to eradicate smallpox. Seems sad that no one has heard of her either but only of Edward Jenner.

    As for Emily Hobhouse I'm not surprised that she's been swept under the carpet. Who knew the British invented concentration camps. Shameful.

    Who says history hasn't been edited eh?

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force

    My Mother

    Because of how she protected me and my 3 siblings as children from the physical abuse of our father, and how she fought cancer but lost.

  • prologos

    an hour ago
    - Sheroes.
    I've not heard that expression before
    I had not heard it either, but thought that just adding the "S" would make it special. keeping young by making things new.
  • Bonsai

    Stephen King. He provided so many laughs and good distractions through his books during some tough times in my life. No other author can keep you on the edge of your seat like he can.

    Harrison Ford. What an amazing man.

    Fred Franz. Just kidding!

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Anyone who is willing to sacrifice something of their own to help others or fights for what is right at great risk to themselves. I would say of all heroes I hold firefighters in the highest reverence- these are guys that dont't just risk their lives for others, but even for the sake of your burning old sofa a homeless person wouldnt want, yet they're the least appreciated of all "heroes".
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