My highlights from GB member Jackson's ARC testimony

by The Fall Guy 12 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • smiddy3

    That is excellent Fall guy thanks for posting it. Telling ,I think it was of Jackson a GB member , swearing on the Bible to tell the truth when at least one Elder took an Affirmation to tell the truth instead of swearing on the Bible to tell the truth. { everybody speaking in agreement-in unity ? }

    One question though ? How did G.Jackson answer this question ?

    After 49 minutes the judge asked him these 4 questions - "Does your church accept corporal punishment of children? Do you accept corporal punishment? Do you accept corporal punishment? Do prohibit it?"

  • zeb

    Yes, I wondered at this swear on the bible act they all did. That was a new one to me..

  • newsheep

    Fall Guy, excellent job and well done. It's posts like this that will draw lurkers away and want to research more. Always loved your posts and many others who are not posting anymore.

    When I watched this video I didn't realize the flaws until you pointed them out. I guess I need to be more spiritually critical and keep on the watch as they would claim. Keep up the great work, my friend:)

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