My highlights from GB member Jackson's ARC testimony

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Nice to review how one of the "faithful snakes" slithered when he was captive to being questioned.

    At 40 seconds, he is asked to swear an oath - and he swears on the Bible. Obviously Jesus' words slipped his mind: Matthew 5:34-37 - "However, I say to you: Do not swear at all, neither by heaven.....nor by earth,.... Just let your word ‘Yes’ mean yes, your ‘No,’ no, for what goes beyond these is from the wicked one."

    At 9 minutes 50 seconds, he reveals a new light - that he and the rest of the governing body are G.O.D.'s = Guardians Of Doctrine.

    At 11 minutes 36 seconds, he says that the GB will allow "someone" to inform the GB regarding a need to change doctrine or policy.

    At 15 minutes 34 seconds, Jackson's forked-tongue really shows. In an effort to compare the alleged 1st century governing body with him and his pals in Warwick, he reads Acts 6:3,4 - "So, brothers, select for yourselves seven reputable men from among you, full of spirit and wisdom, that we may appoint them over this necessary matter; but we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word.”

    He then misquotes the verse by saying, "So verse 4 describes the role of the [present-day] governing body as we see it, to devote ourselves to prayer and the word of God..."

    The scripture says the apostles were devoted to the ministry of the word - not the word of God. Mr. Jackass couldn't possibly commit the GB to doing as much field ministry as publishers and pioneers are expected to do, could he?

    At 20 minutes 34 seconds he is asked, "Do you [the GB] see yourselves as Jehovah God's spokespeople on earth?" He replies, "Ah, that I think would seem to be quite presumptuous, to say that we [the GB] are the only spokesperson that God is using.

    At 25 minutes 20 seconds he says that the GB, Branch Committees, and JW have a primary allegiance to Jehovah God, and that a Branch Committee can tell the GB if "something doesn't work" or is "not appropriate" so that it can be "adjusted accordingly." In other words Jacko, JW's have the right to reject anything the GB says which is not scripturally provable.

    At 27 minutes 40 seconds he says a "central group" [GB] has to decide on the interpretation of scriptures.

    After 49 minutes the judge asked him these 4 questions - "Does your church accept corporal punishment of children? Do you accept corporal punishment? Do you accept corporal punishment? Do prohibit it?"

    Jackson tried his damndest not to answer 'Yes' or 'No' but the judge had him on the ropes. Jacko's squirming was visible.

    At 1 hour 45 minutes & 26 seconds: At various times during his examination, sanctimonious Jackson quoted scriptures in an attempt to justify the JW mentality. Each time he did so, he patronizingly told Mr. Stewart, "It's on page...........," despite the fact that Mr. Stewart apparently had no trouble finding most of the Bible books.

    Mr. Stewart then rubs Jacko's nose in it when he tells Jackson that he wants him to look at Deuteronomy 22:23-27 in his Bible - and then says to Jackson, "It's on page 304." Priceless!!!

  • Vidiot

    Since the Walsh Trial, the Org has bent over backwards to avoid having the WT leadership come under court scrutiny.

    The complete opposite, I might add, of what Jesus and the Apostle Paul said to do.

  • Atlantis

    Every time I see that photo of Jacko it looks like he is on a tight-rope balancing himself from falling.

    Thanks Fall Guy!


  • steve2

    Fall Guy, thank you for the summary of Jackson's ARC testimony. You've selected so many salient summary points and made them stand out so well. Sometimes, when testimony is on the long side, main points can get lost.

    You're absolutely correct about the taking of an oath. Old-time JWs would have refused, citing the very words of Jesus you quote. Interesting that even the GB members slip away from literal interpretations of Scripture when convenient and cling to literal interpretations when their "pride" is at stake (e.g., the two witness rule).

    Yes, indeed, Jackson said it would be presumptuous for the GB to claim to be God's only spokespeople on earth. At this stage, I wish that Mr Stewart had then asked him, "Nevertheless, Mr Jackson, whether presumptuous or not, is that what the JW Governing Body in fact teaches; namely, that the Governing Body as a whole are Jehovah's one and only spokespeople on earth" and then quoted excerpts from the JW literature that state that very point.

    Again, thanks Fall Guy - excellent summary which lays bare Jackson's duplicity.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    There was a JW sister in Glasgow a number of years ago who was jailed for refusing to swear an oath on the Bible. Her fine was then paid by an anonymous person* and she was released.

    *generally believed to have been one of the Greenlees family.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Thank you Fallguy. This is great. I did not rewatch all of this, so I’m wondering if this is also the testimony where Jackson is asked about Christmas (and he says it is not a disfellowshipping offence to celebrate it?!?) and where Jackson also mentions people can choose to leave (fade) without sanctions or shunning? Is that somewhere in this video too, do you know?

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Yes. He waffles on about whether someone is still a JW, although inactive, and that they'd be disciplined if they wanted to return to the congregation.

    And of course he lies through his teeth about faders not being shunned.

  • Giordano

    Thanks Fall Guy! I put it in my Draft file and will now be able to go to the quote I'd like to reference and be able to post the exact time.

    Great Idea and a great job.

  • john.prestor

    Exactly, we all know he's lying and now he looks like a spineless snake instead of an openly predatory (if cruel) fox.

  • baldeagle

    Thanks Fall Guy, much appreciated.

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