'The videos are helping the young people.'

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  • stillin

    Yet, the GB has most likely hired professional people to engineer the videos, not only execution, but content as well. There probably have been studies undergone about what "works" in an indoctrination video and what doesn't "work." Of course, the kids will be the most vulnerable to these videos.

    It's fair to make observations based on our own experience. We don't have to be holding Masters degrees to form opinions or draw conclusions.

    The little smile on the brother's face when you said that was almost a wink, wasn't it?

  • Magnum
    It's fair to make observations based on our own experience. We don't have to be holding Masters degrees to form opinions or draw conclusions.

    That's certainly true in some cases; it depends on the circumstances, context, and situation and whether the observations are presented as our own or whether they are presented as established fact.

    Try going to court and testifying against somebody in vague terms with no backing. The situation I was in with the JW was not casual; it was really serious. He made a vague statement and presented it as established fact - not as an opinion based on his own observation. That kind of statement in that context does need backing up.

    And, you're right about not needing master's degrees to form opinions or draw conclusions. It's really easy to form opinions and draw conclusions. People do it all the time.

    For example, a number of white people are of the opinion that blacks are inferior to whites. They don't need master's degrees to form that opinion. They don't even need high school degrees to form that opinion. But, anyone to whom they state such has the right to ask exactly what is meant by "inferior" and to demand evidence to back up such a broad, sweeping statement that is certainly nowhere near established.

    So, again, we can and do form opinions all the time without master's degrees, but if our opinions are vague and not backed up by evidence, and especially if they're controversial and the acceptance of them could affect lives, we should at the very least present them as opinion and not as fact, and we should be prepared to back them up.

  • stillin

    Exactly, Magnum. If the subject matter is invisible stuff, like the throning of Jesus in heaven in 1919 or whatever, everybody can be an expert! It's unprovable! Whether or not the younger ones are actually being helped in some intangible way by the videos is purely subjective. "Oh, look at how much little Johnny enjoys the cartoons! He'll grow up to be a great brother!"

    Maybe some will. Probably most won't. There's no definitive study yet. But we can be sure that the Society is giving it their best shot. Their survival depends on it!

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    "You know what? these videos are helping the JW organisation to mentally enslave their young at the earliest possible age"

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    I wrote about this before, but I believe it pertains to the above.

    In one of the last issues of the Free Minds Journal that I read, a member of the GB (Tony Morris, I recall) was quoted; he stated during a DC talk that new changes were a couple years down the pike and many would not be happy with them.

    I, for one, was not pleased when I saw a Facebook entry of an after-meeting gathering of JW friends and family at an elder's home. They were in front of the TV, watching Society videos. The meeting, Sunday morning; hospitality (luncheon); further indoctrination.

    Is this the new and rebranded religion that they so proudly advertise on social media?

    No need to answer. I already know the answer.

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