Work Colleague Went To a JW Funeral - His Experience

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  • Crazyguy

    I’ve only been to one funeral where it wasn’t an out right infomercial. They talked about him and husband life for a while before going all commercial. But this elder was a die hard so even talking about his life it was all JW related. Then what was weird is they started with the whole sin of Adam and Eve and explained the whole doctrine. It was the last time I was in a hall, couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there!

  • pale.emperor

    What a complete disrespect to the person who died - to use someone's death as an "opportunity" to witness. Is nothing sacred to these people?

    Who else remembers the When Someone You Love Dies brochure being released at the convention? It was announced as something to always have in your ministry bag for when you meet a greiving relative.

    Sick cult.

    Personally, when someone loses someone in death i don't talk about any afterlife or "hope" but instead of the person, and the memories we have of them.

  • bennyk

    mentalclarity wrote: "I remember a witness telling me she was counseled by some from her hall because she was crying at a family member's funeral. They said it showed to others(non-JW) that she didn't have faith in the resurrection."

    To which I say: "Jesus wept." (John 11:35 KJV)

  • jambon1

    JW funerals are absolutely appalling.

    Never heard a good one yet. When still in, I’d cringe while listening to the talk through the worldly people’s ears.

    They're actually disrespectful to the deceased and offer no realistic comfort or hope.

  • WingCommander

    Oh....oh! You want to hear about a JW funeral experience? Well, I went to one in 2008 of a very popular Elder who had owned a construction type business and employed some JW's who met an unexpected death on a worksite. Anyway, this funeral was HUGE!! They talked about his life growing up, how he was a star basketball player in high school, (everyone else was forbidden), organized Congregation baseball and basketball games (I didn't even know about them, much less invited by him), etc, etc for 25 minutes! Then they started in on the standard JW infomercial. Oh! And before all that started there was a family "Condolences Line" I guess you'd call it, where his family was meeting people coming in. So his mom was a long-time JW, and his business partner brother was NOT. Anyway, when I got to his mom, I hugged her and she told me I just HAD to come back, and then proceeded to place the "Bible Teach" book with me like I was some schmuck who hadn't been born into the religion. I was floored. The worldly brother must have seen my face, cause we met eyes and he rolled his like, "oh brother, let this all end!" Afterwards, there was a HUGE reception/wake at a separate venue!!!! I didn't bother to go in, cause there was such a hoop-n-hollering going on (like some kind of party?!?!?) that I was disgusted and left. I saw several "worldly" people I knew at the funeral who later told me it was the most awkward and disgusting funeral they had ever attended, what with the "WT Infomercial" thrown in. I agreed. Me, I was pissed hearing how this Elduh had gotten away with basically being totally worldly as a youth (even playing sports!!!) and then somehow made it big in JW-Land, becoming Presiding Overseer even! So live the life as a youth, then denounce and forbid it from the platform as the PO? What a hypocrite!!!!! I was soooooo pissed off when I left that day. And to think; his grieving mother was placing literature at her son's funeral? Fuggin' disgusting!!!!!

  • pale.emperor

    I remember being on the sound desk for a funeral. Some big-shot elder that everyone who wasn't in his clique remembered as being a massive c*nt. He wasn't even in our congregation but we held the funeral there because our KH was a nicer building.

    The widow handed me a cassette tape and asked me to record the talk. Which i found odd, and also this was 2008 and we didn't use cassette players in the KH anymore, we used CDs or mp3.

    I tried to explain but she just kept holding it out to me, and saying "oh, go on, just record it" and her son (an elder) appeared and commanded that i record the talk.

    We dont have a cassette player!

    He insisted that i take the tape and record it.

    So i just took the tape, did the sound as normal, and handed them back a blank tape.

    Never did learn what happened after that.

    But what made me chuckle inside during the talk was that the speaker said the following about him:

    "Yes, he was a hard man. But Jehovah's holy spirit appointed him as an elder. And what a fine elder he was. As Presiding Overseer no brother in our congregation wore pink ties, the sisters kept their nails trimmed and his boys were all appointed as elders. All seven of them".

    Sounds like a dictatorship.

    I said to my then-wife next to me "isn't nepotism is a funny thing?"

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