Is shunning unscriptual?

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  • stillin
    • poopie11 minutes ago

      Did Jesus shun that's better question.

      exactly! If it was that important, wouldn't Jesus have done a demonstration at one of his weeknight meetings?

      anyhow, we all do it to some degree. There are people we simply do not wish to be close to so we avoid them. Really, not the same thing but the principle is there.

  • dubstepped

    I'm none of those things in the scripture, yet I'm shunned. A person that fornicates once, gets DF'ed, then goes on to live a very moral life is still shunned forever unless he comes back to the cult. What constitutes a "brother or sister"? Only a person in the same faith? If so once a person leaves that verse gas no further hold. Why are greedy people still non-shunned JWs? Or drunkards, and we all knew brothers and sisters that drank too much at least once, which is apparently all it takes where sex is concerned, right?

    That verse is so full of holes. That's the problem with taking verses and creating rules. What about Jesus saying to forgive 77 times? Pick and choose to support whatever you want. It's so easy with the Bible. It's not consistent whatsoever.

  • Finkelstein

    Shunning suspected evil people according to the ancient social moral standards of the Hebrews. yes.

    Publicly announcing that a person should be shunned including their family before a large crowd , I don't think so. ???

  • Robo Bobo
    Robo Bobo

    "anyone who claims to be a brother or sister" - this is not talking about someone formerly baptized who decides they want nothing to do with the religion

    this is about someone who "claims" to be an active, practicing witness so that they can carry on these practices within the congregation

  • slimboyfat

    Some say the Bible is a fiddle on which any old tune can be played. Whether the Bible endorses shunning may be largely in the eye of the beholder.

    So in a sense it's hard to find the question "does the Bible teach shunning" very interesting or relevant.

    You can find Watchtower texts that condemn shunning in clear terms. Doesn't stop them doing it. So much for texts.

  • Designer Stubble
  • MrTheocratic

    We can't totally blame the witnesses for there stance. The practice of shunning is found in the Bible.

    Robo Bobo

    "anyone who claims to be a brother or sister" - this is not talking about someone formerly baptized who decides they want nothing to do with the religion

    I don't think that thought is in line with what this Scripture says. It clearly is an admonition to stop mixing in company with anyone who was Formerly a brother but who now chooses to live another life.

  • freddo

    @Mr T

    Scripture at 1 Cor. 5 v 11 doesn't say "formerly" a brother - says "claims to be a brother" or "called a brother" depending on which translation is used ...

    "Brother being named" according to Kingdom Interlinear.


    Shunning seems scriptually appropriate when a son sleeping with his stepmom in your cong..

    all other reasons for shunning in your cong seem non scriptural.

    But that's my reasoning, not the WTS

  • cofty

    Christianity displayed all the hallmarks of a cult from its very beginning.

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