Article: "JWs door to door pamphlets are actually alright." Journalist's mistakes corrected in Comments by XJWs. Read his reaction.

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  • AndersonsInfo

    Jehovah's Witness door to door pamphlets are actually alright.

    And their religion isn't that bad either.

    5 Feb 2016, 19:23 GMT Comments (40) Guess what everyone? I just became a Jehovah's Witness!
    Well not really, but I've got to admit that I actually enjoy reading Jehovah's Witness pamphlets when some Jehovah's Witness come and hand them out at my door.

    Jehovah's Witnesses are probably the bane of most peoples' existence, including many people I know. And I've heard some entertaining stories of how some of my friends have got rid of them. One of my friends has a taste in death metal. So he blasts death metal at top volume until the Jehovah's Witnesses leave. Another of my friends likes porn a lot. So he plays porn at a ridiculous volume until the Jehovah's Witnesses leave. And another of my friends has Buddhist parents, who have placed statues of Buddha all around the yard. So he gets all evangelical about Buddhism and "finding the light of Buddha" until the Jehovah's Witnesses leave. READ MORE:


  • stillin
    Sure, the tracts and pamphlets are fine! Ya gotta have decent bait!
  • sowhatnow

    wow, the reader of the pamphlets gleaned that info from reading them ? huh, wow. whoda thunk it,lol

    I guess someone in the writing department, needs to improve how they explain things.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    **I guess someone in the writing department, needs to improve how they explain things**

    With everything being so dumbed-down, the way they explain things is the way you talk to a 6-year-old.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    WT would love for people to be like this and base their opinions about JWs only on the litteratrash they hand out at the door.

    This would be like choosing the car you like based only on the manufacturer's glossy brochure. Can you really judge a vehicle based on information the dealer gives you or if you like their advertisements? Wouldn't you look for more information from outside sources? Crash tests? Reviews by professionals? Both satisfied and unsatisfied vehicle owners? Would you take a vehicle for a test drive? Would you say, "I rate this car a 10 because I like their commercials!"?

    Why would people put more critical thought into buying a car than in choosing a religion?

  • David Graham
    David Graham
    It's also very telling the author of the article is from Australia. Could this be a case of watchtower damage control? Something to think of!
  • AndersonsInfo

    I felt his positive reaction to XJWs pointing out his mistakes was great. He promised to write another article pointing out how the JWs misrepresent their religion in their literature.


  • David Graham
    David Graham
    Let's hope he does Barbara. Something tells me he probably wasn't expecting the reaction he got ;)
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Saw the article, wanted to comment, but then I needed to signup. Just ignored it.

    Glad someone did comment :-)

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