The Pope Tells Trump He's Not A Christian

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  • kepler

    Trump's characterization of Mexican immigration to the US as a flow of criminals is untrue and an insult. It makes the NYC Stature of Liberty a monumental hypocrisy.

    Considering that the current pope is an Argentinian and the former archbishop of Buenos Aires, it puts his statement in another perspective: reminding rich Americans to respect and attend to their Latin American neighbors.

    The Pope interceded in behalf of Cubans who had been living under harsh economic embargo. He is also a critic of unrestrained capitalism. He currently lives in the back room of the Vatican and conducts his life much like he did in Buenos Aires - where he commuted by bus.

    As far as I know, he told Trump to reconsider. And that he would have no stamp of approval from his side of the house. Trump, in such instances, usually resorts to law suits. Donald might need the services of John Edwards as his Vice President, what with all his ambulance chasing experience....

  • sparrowdown

    Can anyone tame "The Donald?" I can't see Trump letting his assigned presidential "handlers" tell him what to do and say, for that reason alone I can't see him getting in. He would be considered a troublesome liability, a loose cannon too prone to going off script.

    But then again, so was Bush jnr.

    If Trump gets in, will he create a national hairstyle.

  • SAHS


    Thank you for the link regarding the rise of early Christianity as it related to the epidemics during the Roman empire and the social connections among Christians versus the pagans (at the very bottom of the first page of this thread). I read it all, and it was quite interesting as to a logical and scientific explanation of that phenomenon.

  • Finkelstein
  • SAHS

    “David_Jay”: Catholics do not teach or believe the pope is infallible. Pope=infallible, that is the Watchtower at its most ignorant, uneducated height.

    Well, don’t forget the longstanding traditional Catholic concept that when the pope is formally speaking “ex cathedra,” then what he says is supposedly infallible.

    Now, whenever the Watchtower governing body meets together (apparently every Wednesday), then, apparently, as a collective body their decisions (now by 2/3 majority vote) represent the direction of the holy spirit (i.e., the spirit from Almighty God). Although, with the track record of that governing body (which apparently now solely comprise the faithful and discreet slave in its entirety in all the earth – big surprise!), it’s obvious that the Watchtower governing body has no more credibility – or infallibility – than my left foot! (Any arguments to the contrary, please bring ’em on!)

  • Vidiot

    Know what?

    I almost - almost, mind you - want Trump to win, just because the rest of the Right Wing hate him so much.

  • minimus
    The Vatican spins things when they need to,as usual.

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