How Are Ex Elders Treated In The Congregation?

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  • Tight Pants Twinkle Toes
    Tight Pants Twinkle Toes

    In the minds of most in the congregation you are dogshit, I was removed for standing up to a circuit overseer that we caught stealing money from the congregations and the circuit. This CO orchestrated a campaign against me and my wife that followed us to even a new circuit that we moved to. We were treated like apostates by the elders in our new circuit, not because of proper channels but because of midnight phone conversations from elders in our former congregation to their butt buddies in our new circuit......but you know what I always say...."FUCK EM!!!

  • Queequeg

    When I resigned, one of the reasons I gave was that I didn't agree with the "attitudes and actions" of the elder body.

    I guess that pissed 'em off.

    I didn't quite have the guts to say that was how I felt about the governing body too.

    Anyway, even before my "deletion" was announced, the dear elders (and interestingly their wives), started shunning me and making comments that were obviously directed at me. The COBE was undeniably giving me the evil eye during the meetings.

    What a huge favor these spiritual giants gave me! Their behavior really helped my wife leave Watchtower World.

    Thanks fellas!

  • dozy

    Ex elders are generally viewed with a degree of suspicion from the rank and file and distrust from existing elders. Most congregations have a few ex-elders , hanging around the hall like Banquo's ghost , often the target of congregation gossip behind their backs about why they no longer are appointed. Some just chill , enjoying the lack of hassle - most stew with varying degrees of issues and attitude , depending on why they were deleted or resigned in the first place.

    Coming off as an elder is a truly depressing experience - you get told to hand back straight away your elder's book and KH keys and any documents ( like secretary's files etc. ). I remember a week or so after I resigned I was early for the meeting & there was a queue of cars in the road waiting. I went to open the padlock that locked the car park gates to find that the COBOE had changed the PIN number - when an elder eventually turned up to open the gates he told me that the Societies instructions was to immediately change PIN numbers on alarms , locks etc as soon as an elder was deleted or came off. Bluntly and unnecessarily , he told me that " we won't be telling you the new number for the car park padlock , of course". I realised then that I had been well and truly dumped and a few weeks later , attended my past meeting.

  • punkofnice
    queezy - Their behavior really helped my wife leave Watchtower World.

    They copy their gods in Warwick, the paedo protecting governing body. If that's how they want to play it, it just shows to the world what scum they are as human beings. (apart from when I was an elder....I was great)

  • mrmagic

    The elders in the congregations I was in that were deleted or stepped down were always gossipped about. The gossip didn't end after a few days or weeks. No, the gossip remained for years and years. This one ex-elder was deleted for cheating on his wife and she divorced him. All this happened years before I came along, but as a kid I'd hear the adults gossiping about him and his ex wife.

  • FedUpJW

    Are they treated like crap?

    That has been my observation.

  • punkofnice

    I have found that it depends on which family you belong to or if your friends are part of the clique, as to how you are treated. If you are part of the clique or ruling family, it isn't likely that you'll be deleted. Favouritism is the rule.

  • BluesBrother

    As Doubting Bro. Said

    "The other elders definitely didn't want to have much to do with me......."

    Same here . I was ignored completely. Now we have moved and I am just a seat-warmer if Sis. Blues attends .

    They (so far) give me no hassle.

  • mrquik

    I was the golden boy with the presiding overseer. He had been a circuit overseer for many years before retiring to Palmyra, NY. We would decide the fate of all the other elders. I had the circuit overseer ask me about my college age daughter who was living at home at the time. He asked me about studying with her. I replied " She's 20 years old and had decided the religion was not for her." He never said another thing. At the elders' meeting, he brought it up again & recommended my removal as an elder. The presiding overseer had never even gave me a heads up before the meeting. I WAS PISSED. I TOLD THEM DON'T BOTHER TO VOTE OVER THIS, I'M OUT. The presiding was apologetic. I never asked to be an elder again. It was the beginning of the end for me.

  • LongHairGal


    From the experiences here, it would seem most ex-elders are viewed negatively or at least suspiciously - regardless of the reason they are no longer serving. Some experience more negativity or shunning than others do.

    I am surprised that the idiot religion doesn't realize that they have helped to push more men out the door. This is ironic really because they would do anything to get more men into the religion since they have too many women, which they have little regard for.

    People who are treated negatively in the JW religion tend to leave the religion, unless they are gluttons for punishment. But, even gluttons for punishment have their fill at some point.

    Keep it up WT.

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