Ex elders vs. Current elders

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  • freddo

    7 elders serving, 6 ex-es "round my way".

    Of those ex-es (including me) I reckon (out the loop but there is a long history) the reasons are "probably". Some may have more than one "problem" hence adds up to more than six.

    Woken up (me)

    Crazy wife and drunkenness (1)

    Nutjob (1 or 2)

    Porn habit (1 or 2) - mind you I think one or two still serving might do this!

    Long term sulk, may be awake too, not sure (1)

  • dozy

    We had quite a few ex-elders in my old congregation. Variety of reasons why they came off / were taken off but none of them seemed to be very keen to re-qualify. I think most of them were quite relieved - fed up of the workload , politics , hassle. Its a tough life being an elder , especially if you work full time and have a family. An old friend of mine came off due to a few personal issues - he sometimes would tell me that coming off as an elder was the one of the best things he ever did.

    The WTBTS are never really bothered about trying to get these guys back in- they are just forgotten about and put out to pasture.

  • eyeuse2badub

    For the most part, "old school" elders (like myself) actually studied the bible and read the wt publications. So there you have it as to why they are ex-elders! "Truth" talks but bullsh*t walks!

    just saying!


  • daringhart13


    100% true in my former congregation, as well as the entire 'circuit'

    It's fascinating.....the best speakers/teachers end up quitting or leaving....interesting to see someone else observe that.

  • JWdaughter
    The elder arrangement was pretty new back when I left, so I had no idea that this was a "thing". I figured folks would just LEAVE. But obviously, that is not always the case, even if they'd like to.
  • ttdtt

    Interesting and I think you have a point. I was a very good speaker, and the last 4 years I started really diving into the talk outlines, especial the ones I had at the District level. I kept finding old, outdated, or transparently misleading statements taken out of context. I had a real problem with that, and started to eliminate talk outlines, stop taking some parts I was given, and moving the theme of talks to be centered on love, mercy, and you know - acting like jesus. It was not long before I just could not take the crap any more and stepped down.

    Many of the ones who stay are just - low information - low education - koolaid drinking but kissers who will do anything to find favor with the CO and other elders.

  • ttdtt

    By the way - one of the most insulting thing I have always heard about people like that who left was "they were to smart for their own good." Believe that - smart used as a pejorative.

    No one can think - Wow those brothers were really good and smart - something must be up for them to leave....

  • Vidiot

    Aaaand the bottom of the barrel gets scraped just a little bit deeper...

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