Passionless loveless JW.ORG. How? Why? My experience with these Pharasees.

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    So I studied with this guy who is now an Elder in my moms hall. She has cancer and is black and blue from it. We are like real family so I invite him over for drinks and pizza. He promises to "look after her" when i return to my city...not once in 12 weeks did he even CALL her on the phone!!! The other young Elders not one call!! She is seriously ill from refusing blood and nothing. My mom says "They will only come when you make a 3 course meal...then you never see them again..." I called him and ask if he could take her to a hospital apointment and he was all...."Ummmm do I have to stay or just drop her there.." (what the hell!!) Ummm let me call you back...ummm." Finally he agrees. Him and other young Elders will give the same sterile pharasee like talks at her hall but ask for some love for an old sister, nothing! It's more important to be seen out Witnessing, getting those points, being seen by men. Did Knorr or Rutherford or maybe Franz, who wanted to miss his dads funeral cause he was having a "busy day" at bethel...who made this org. a loveless robotic religion, sterile exactly like the scribes and Pharasees of Jesus day. Shameful and sad.
  • DesirousOfChange

    "All men will know you are (not) my disciples if you (do not) have love for one another." ~ Jesus

    That about sums it up.


  • BluesBrother

    Sorry about your Mum, Witness 007....I wish there was something we could do..

    Why does this not surprise me ? Sadly , I see the same attitude among the elders around here these days. Now I do know that they are often busy, but it is the attitude that counts. The phone calls that never come.. If the man is genuinely busy too take her to hospital then a helpful, loving Minister would say " I will organize something, leave it to me" ,then get someone who can do it

    That is if they wanted to ...

  • joe134cd
    Yes you have touched on something that has become very apparent to me on my awakening. I find it bizarre an organisation that spends hundreds of millions of dollars and countless man hours knocking on empty doors, and yet will do relatively nothing for its existing membership. Wt if you read this it's your existing membership and your inability maintain and retain them that is the source of your problems.
  • JeffT

    They love to quote James 1:27 in support of their neutrality "to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."

    The part of the verse that comes before that, not so much. "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress"

  • steve2

    JW Charity Work 101: Give Priority to Door Knocking

    Knock, Knock

    No one's home

    Knock, Knock, Knock

    I said, "No one's home"

    Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock.

    Look it's pretty obvious no one's home.

    Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock

    Oh, I give up: You know no one's home; you're just filling in time

    Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock. Knock, Knock


    Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock

    The house is empty; there's no furniture, the grass is knee high, the 'For rent' sign is unmissable

    Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock.

    JW's cellphone rings; Sister Unwell needs a ride to the local hospital.

    Sorry, Sister, no can do. I'm literally in the middle of door knocking.

    Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock.

    Silence continues, minutes pass, then hours, knuckles hurt from door-knocking.

    Contentment floods the mind and heart: Doing Jehovah's work is a privilege.

    Territory covered: 2 people home, both closed door in seconds, most other houses, no one home.

    Gotta keep on knocking....

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    my dear old dad has lived in a care home almost 3 years now. he's been an elder--was baptised over 50 years ago. total visits from any jw's this year------none.
  • WingCommander

    I totally feel for you. I experienced the same, first with my father, then mother, than grandmother. JW's couldn't give 2 sh*ts about ailing members. ZILCH. Here is my story (re-posted) as it really shows the heartlessness my family was exposed to. Not trying to hijack your thread either, merely add my own to it. Hope your mother is able to beat that dreaded cancer.


    Back in 2007, my mother finally had her liver transplant. She needed one due to a genetic disorder (Alpha-1, or A1AD). She never drank or did drugs in her life. She was in her early 50's. She got her liver, but had several complications which stretched out about 3 months. Unfortunately, she became terminal. I am an only child, my father died 8 years previously. I had to travel 250 miles each way to the UVa Medical Center (known for their bloodless tranplants) from Pennsylvania. The entire experience was pure hell on me and my family. 99 out of 100 people make it through the transplant and home. My mother was in the unfortunate 1% who don't make it. :frowning: A few days before her passing, she was still awake and with it. I knew the end was near, as I was power of attorney and making several medical descisions. I was away from my wife and son, 250 miles away at a huge medical center. I was sitting alone one evening in my car in the parking garage. I was alone, scared for my mother, and at one of the lowest points in my life. My mother was a JW for 25 years. Never been marked, reproved, DF'd, always in good standing. Got in decent hours, but that dropped as her health dropped. She was somewhat inactive for about the previous 5 years or so, but still known. I was never baptized, but obviously recognized as an approved associate, never bad association. I never did anything to gain that title.

    I decided to call an Elder, the PO it turned out of our congregation. It was about 6-7:00 at night. One of his children answered, and when I asked for this Elder, he was put on. He explained they were in the middle of supper. I explained the situation to him. He said, "I'm sorry to hear about this situation Wing Commander, but what would you like ME to do about it?" I was like, "Uh...well my mother and I could use some spiritual support at this time, etc, etc......" I couldn't believe I actually had to explain this to him. Do you know what this guy, whom I thought was a nice fellow by the way (never had a problem with him until this point) actually said to me? He said he'd have to look up the names of the LOCAL congregation Elders down in Virginia, and that THEY could come and shephard me and my dying mother. He'd "get back to me." He then promptly said goodbye and hung up. By the way, he offered up NO scriptures, no spiritual support at all on the phone - NONE.....and this guy is an Elder! I sat there in my car staring at my cell phone with my jaw about on my lap, alone at 7:00 at night, mother dying in the hospital across from me, and I just lost it - a grown man of 27, started to flat out BAWL in his car. It's like I snapped.....I couldn't believe how my mother and I had just been disregarded. What made the situation worse, is that I was informed by my mom's "Worldly" coworkers here in PA that they were taking 2 days off to come down in a van and visit with my terminal mother, cheer her up and say their goodbye's before her passing. I was floored by their insistance, and very grateful, and yet now here I was being handed a steaming hot pile of crap by a JW Elder that I actually trusted, a family man. And did he ever get back to me? - NO. I actually had to call him. He also didn't attend my mother's funeral or even call or send a card.

    This is just one of the MANY fine examples of what the JW's call "Christian Love" that they pile upon their flock. I could go on and on with what I've lived and experienced while growing up in the JW religion. I wonder, how does YHWH God and Christ Jesus view such actions?? Are they proud to have Their names rubber-stamped by the Governing Body upon this religion?????

    So many of my wife's (all non-JW's) as well as my own extended family (non-JWs) showed me and my family such love, hospitality, and warmth in my deepest hour of need. Even my mother's neighbours helped out around her house while she was in the hospital or offered me their services. Where were the JW friends of her and I that I grew up with for the past 25 years??? They were no where to be found!!!! None, NO ONE.

    This identical treatment occured when my father died in 1999, my mother and I were left to fend for ourselves. That was my mom's wake-up call.

    What of the "fine shephard" who couldn't be bothered to barely talk to me on the phone that evening back in 2007? Why, he was killed in a freak construction accident almost exactly a year later. I, unlike HIM, actually attended his "Memorial Service" out of respect for him and his family. It was the largest funeral I ever attended in my life, with about 1,000 people showing up due to him owning a business and JW's and Non-JW's attended. It was a disgusting and hypocritical funeral talk, as it spoke him playing SPORTS in high school, something all of us JW's are forbidden from doing, being as it brings undue attention and glory to the individual. Guess it was ok for him to do it though, huh? Of course it ended with an infomercial for the WT society of course. Several friends of mine who did work on job sites with his company and attended said it was the most awkward and worst funeral they ever attended.

    I was tempted to get up in front of everyone and give my above "experience" with him, but decided against it. In the end, he was dead and not worth the effort. I feel I am the bigger man then him for attending his funeral even though he didn't attend my mother's.

    By their love you will know them, indeed.

    - Wing Commander

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    LOL, I've heard mentioned before that the logo looks like a ''cold, rigid, blue box''. That it is just that, ''cold and blue'' within the Borg too.
  • Simon Templar
    Simon Templar

    This kind of behavior is status quo.

    My Wife had pneumonia last winter. She didn't attend a meeting for five weeks. She finally gets to a meeting. The Secretary sees her and says, "I am missing a field service report from you. Please give it to me tonight before you leave". He didn't have a clue. My wife told all the sisters via phone she was sick. No brother asked her how she was.

    I had a very serious potentially life-threatening illness. I was home from the hospital. The Bethelite was hanging around the Congo for the day, and called my house (around dinner time) and asked if he could come over and visit. My wife held the phone and asked me. I said no. She told him no. I returned to the meeting a few weeks later. I saw him at the meeting. He never asked how I was. I guess no free food was connected with me at the time.

    This is just a few of many situations like this. Its constant. None of the brothers will inquire of your health, unless its to give you a work assignment and they see you cant walk or something.

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