Trully brilliant interview with Watchtower writer

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  • Diogenesister

    Exjw Fifth knocks one out of the ballpark with this trully brilliant interveiw with Watchtower writer and researcher Ben. Extremely thorough and informative.

  • stuckinarut2

    Thanks for posting Dio!

    Yes, Ben is indeed a wonderful man!

    I have no doubt that this video will help many people.

  • doubtfull1799

    AKA Doubtfull1799

  • Diogenesister

    Sorry I realised I double posted stucky

  • jaydee

    @ Diogenesister...

    hey, not to worry,

    you know what they say.

    ' Repetition for emphasis '.

    or is it merely one of those ' overlapping ' comments.....

    See, now I've done it too.....

  • stuckinarut2

    Bumping this thread!

    Ben's interview is well worth watching!

    There is such a wave of new ones in our part of the world (australia) waking up, and Ben is a wonderful example of a sincere truth seeker!

  • HappyOutsideTheBox

    Excellent interview.

    There is SO much I can relate to. The impossibility of pointing to just one factor for leaving. The change of the anti types and the total disregard of the old, deep studying. When I saw the new version of the magazines - I felt embarrassed. No way would such tripe have been accepted in the 'old days'.

    Ben, you have been through the wringer but you have come through the other side a better man. A man with courage and insight.

    Thank you for sharing.


  • sparrowdown

    That moment when you realize it's not just a few bad apples that are the problem it's the whole fricken barrel, and the orchard they originate from.

  • Vidiot

    I'm listening to it right now, and thoroughly enjoying it.

    One bit that especially stuck out at me was how he eventually saw the WT using propaganda techniques that he himself had learned about while researching propaganda for a WT article.

    I think a lot of XJWs' wake-up moments often come with a heavy dose of irony.


    Once again, for the newbies, lurkers, and trolls...

    ...if you have to cheat to defend your beliefs, your beliefs don't deserve to be defended.

  • Vidiot

    I also liked the bit about how he got to the point where he felt compelled to "re-prove" the things he'd believed were right...

    ...and being unable to...

    ...and in fact, finding more and more proof to the contrary.

    That happened to me, too.

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