Splane's "Apostate" talk transcript

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  • FFGhost
    Splane's talk just tells me that they are monitoring this site as well as Reddit and whatever other forums there are.

    There was a poster on this forum many years ago who confirmed this.

    He was involved in a lawsuit with one of the WTS corporations, don't recall which one nor the subject of the court case, but the attorney for the WTS corporation presented as evidence printouts of some of the poster's comments from this very forum.

  • Vidiot
    Rocketman123 - "...the reason the WTS did what they did in such a irresponsibly way in situations of pedophilia within the organization is because the bible told them what to do..."

    Partly, but there's more to it.

    By the time it became a real problem, WT leaders and loyalists couldn't conceive that those so-called Biblical applications might be inadequate compared to the methods of "The World", let alone make the mess worse rather than better.

    More importantly, though, on some level, they realized that reporting it to secular authorities would trigger further investigations that would likely reveal even more abuse...

    ...which ran the risk of becoming a matter of public record...

    ...which would, in turn, cast even further doubt (amongst the rank-and-file) on the all-important claim of "God's Exclusive Earthly Organization"...

    ...which, in the wake of the one-two punch of the 1975 failure and the Ray Franz defection, simply could not be permitted under any circumstances.

    So they used the "two-witness" rule as a weapon to hide the problem rather than fix it.

  • Vidiot
    Rocketman123 - "...well they should leave the matter in Jehovah's hands."

    To which I am sorely tempted to respond with...

    ..."didn't Jehovah use 'Satan's World' to bitch-slap his chosen nation of Israel when they got out of line and wouldn't straighten up?"

    Sit on your hands and leave the matter in His, and He's liable to go Old Testament on your ass.

  • Rocketman123

    Sit on your hands and leave the matter in His, and He's liable to go Old Testament on your ass.

    Good point Vidiot

    Sadly I don't see any major changes handed out to congregations about how to handle possible situations of child sexual abuse.

    Maybe in Australia now that the government has implemented certain rules regarding religious organizations.

  • waton

    wt writers, reading the bible, like Song of songs 8:8, could not imagine that the world, heavily influenced by 60 + old ladies and their dependant partners would peg a 18 year old female, 6 years into child bearing age as a child, like in child molestation.

    legal marriage age of female: 12, child touching offence on 17.99 year old by 25 year old: prison time.

    sad as these stories are, and some seriously disturbing, nothing compared to the catholic, boy scout legacy. not a unique wt problem. get over it.

  • johnamos
    They often pose as sincere Witnesses who just have questions or concerns. And some who aren’t really apostates can cause just as much trouble as the apostates do by their negative talk and criticism. - David Splane

    [12-15-96 WT - In one Christian family, the parents stimulate open communication by encouraging their children to ask questions about things that they do not understand or that cause concern.]

    [6-1-00 WT - Encourage the student to ask questions and to tell you when he does not fully understand some point.—Mark 4:10; 9:32, 33.]

    They supposedly encourage their children and students to do exactly what they really don't want them to actually do.

  • Rocketman123

    And some who aren’t really apostates can cause just as much trouble as the apostates do by their negative talk and criticism. - David Splane

    If someone criticizes or makes negative talk about the activity or established rules of conduct made by the organization isn't that theoretically being an apostate ?

    Well at least that's what I thought .

  • asp59
    We're lots of JWs that have pointed out for decade's changes that needed to be made in org. They were called negative or apostate. If org would have done changes they would not be in mess they in. Splane and company gonna drive Watchtower to the ground.
  • johnamos
    negative talk and criticism

    When they say negative talk and criticism they actually mean anyone that points out that one of their (WTS/GB) teachings are incorrect. I have personally in the past week just asked a pimi husband and wife if they could explain to me about the teaching of the WTS stating that the 70 years are from 607- 537.

    I said , I am willing to accept that 537 is the 70th year, I just needed to know something first since we are told to make sure of all things before accepting as true. I asked if 537 is the 70th year then that would mean that 539 is the 68th year and according to the WTS, Jehovah called Babylon to account in 539 and according to the Bible Jehovah said he was going to call Babylon to account when 70 years have been fulfilled.

    I simply asked based on that did Jehovah call Babylon to account when 70 years were fulfilled as he said he would or did he jump ahead of his own timetable by two years and call them to account when 68 years were fulfilled?

    I went on to show the following:

    [11-15-98 WT – We know that Jehovah is the Great Timekeeper, and we have confidence that he never fails to fulfill his purposes at his appointed time.]

    [Jeremiah 25: 11 And all this land will be reduced to ruins and will become an object of horror, and THESE NATIONS will have to serve the king of Babylon for 70 years.”’ 12 ‘But when 70 years have been fulfilled, I will call to account the king of Babylon and that nation for their error,’ declares Jehovah,]

    [8-1-81 WT p. 27-28 – “The idol-worshiping Babylonians now were in line for God’s judgment to be executed upon them. That happened in 539 B.C.E. when Babylon was overthrown by the Medes and the Persians.”]

    And I kid you not, this is part of the reply I got for asking that:

    I do not wish to receive any more questions from you because I don’t feel they are really questions.. It may not be how you intend it but your questions to me seem more like negative accusations of incorrect teachings.

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