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  • FFGhost

    For any who can't (like me) muster the masochism necessary to sit through an 18-or-so hour commentary on a 30 minute talk from a certain famous/infamous commentator, here is a link to a transcript from Splane's Saturday afternoon "apostate" talk:


    There are many topics worthy of consideration, but this particular section really stood out to me:

    Now, I’d like to say a kind word to some who may be involved in discussion forums. You may like to use this medium to blow off steam, so to speak. Maybe there are little things in the congregation that are happening that you wonder about or decisions the elders have made that you wonder about, and so you write.

    You get involved in the forum, and you blow off steam, and after that, you feel better. But what about others in the forum? How do they feel? Wouldn’t you feel awful if negative comments you made were responsible for someone leaving the truth? I know you wouldn’t want that to happen. So please, please, be careful about what you say.

    My comments:

    -- Anything explicitly mentioned in this talk must have been provoked by dozens or hundreds (thousands?) of reports from dozens or hundreds of CO reports. So apparently there is a significant number of JWs who join forums (such as this one) to "blow off steam", then go back to being JWs

    -- Splane gives them "a kind word". I find that thoroughly bizarre, folks like that are blatantly fitting, to a tee, the WT definition of "brazen conduct". They are flouting the clear direction and counsel coming directly from the GB (this ain't the first time an "apostate warning talk" has been given). These folks are deliberately "mixing in company" not just with "sinners", but "apostates", several orders of magnitude worse (from a JW perspective).

    -- He also comments on "decisions the elders have made". Who knows more about the "decisions elders have made"....than elders? It seems he is referring to elders coming to forums such as this one to "blow off steam".

    -- Even so, he only has "kind words" for them. Why? Why not rain down fire and brimstone on the heads of all these dozens or hundreds or thousands of elders who apparently come to sites like this one, and inform "the world" about WT-world goings-on, then return to continue as, in effect, double agents.

    I don't get it. Why the tolerance extended to such an evidently large group of evidently disloyal adherents?

  • Phizzy

    Thanks for the link FF ! I too couldn't sit through a long drawn out Vid by a certain " Activist", but, if he does some good and helps some to leave the JW mental Prison then long may he continue !

    I shall try to read the Transcript later, though even that is tiresome to me, but it will be of interest to see if this Talk actually attempts to change anything much, apart from the usual GB dictum, "Don't look, Don't listen, to anything negative".

    Thanks again.

  • smiddy3

    After all these thousands of years humans have been subjected to Satan being the God of this system of things, with all of the evil that has gone on , and apparently the very short time Adam and Eve lived in a paradise earth , ,who really is the Almighty God ?

    Satan or Jehovah ?

    I have to give some credit to Splane for being able to use the Bible to play any old tune you wish to play.

  • asp59

    He's basically telling them 'hey you are so many JWs that visit does sites, so we don't want to make you angry. So it's a kind reminder'. They have dealt situation with gossip in congregations same way for hundred years now. Most that gossip are elders wife's or females in congregations. Female's do most of preaching work, so they gotten a pass.

  • waton

    FG: thanks for the link. as to

    the " kind words " DS and co know their peers, and want to brand them as motivated by only temporarily emotionally pent up, personal issues. , . They previously mentioned "lingering issues". so, they recognize that they would fail in an open debate on them. are appealing to those with these recognized beefs to not knock the 'sheep that are led to the slaughter' out of their comfort zone.

    In effect he concedes a looning defeat in the debates, knows that threats will not stop them. he did not make any, this time around.

  • BluesBrother

    I sat through this three times ( glutton for punishment) final time yesterday in the company of dub family watching the Convention. They were surprisingly quiet after it ......

    He spoke of corrupt courts , news media being biased against them .....as reasons not to believe what you read about The Society. Very cleverly, he denied nothing but to the sheep who follow blindly- he denied everything. To use his expression “ sneaky”

    The good thing is the fact that they had to give this talk at all. They must be worried over there in War-wick !

    I like to think that we have got them on the run !

  • FFGhost
    The good thing is the fact that they had to give this talk at all.

    As the comments in the reddit speculate, it seems he is trying to get out ahead of something big. It seems very unlikely that the few minutes segment on the generally not-very-popular Vice channel would be enough to generate a 30 minute reply.

    Politicians do this all the time - get out ahead of the story, plant doubt in advance so that when the news breaks, they can say "See? We told you they'd do something like this."

    What's the big news to come?

  • Biahi

    FFGhost, the big news could be about the 2 Illinois elders going on trial for not reporting that a child in their congregation was being molested.

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    The Anderson/Zalkin molestation law suites.

  • Rocketman123

    Ironically there are past leaders of the JWS who were truly apostate , evil , corrupt , unrighteous hypocrites.

    This guy comes to mind ......

    Olin Moyle Archives - Miker Tower

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