Is this a new practice?

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  • scratchme1010

    So my question is, are they encouraging workplace visits at the meetings? Has common sense completely left their brainwashed minds?

    I don't think they are encouraging people to go to people workplaces, but it doesn't surprise me if they did. One way or another I think they are encouraging people to reach out by pretty much any means. They don't respect people's boundaries. They really feel entitled to get into every person's business.

    When did it become acceptable to go to one's workplace and engage in a half hour conversation with your tablet in hand discussing scriptures?

    It's never been acceptable. Plus I think I should emphasize, it's on us, the ones they pay the visit, to enforce the boundary they are disrespecting. The JWs who know me know way better than even attempting at talking to me, so I don't foresee any event like that happening (for their own sake).

    They always want to have the last saying in everything, and they are not going to make people's fading process a graceful one. They always want to be the ones calling the shots. That's the bottom line.

  • WTWizard

    They will do whatever it takes to get you back in. That is how they have 8.3 million to report.

    And, that could include whatever they feel like. They can intrude in your job, hoping to get you fired from your job so you will have no choice but return to the jokehovians. Barring that, they can at least try to force you to quit your job so you have more time to pious-sneer or make all the boasting sessions. Explain how you are to save for that Israel mission they are pushing, and they retort "Trust in joke-hova--get into debt if you must, but just do it".

    Or, what about prying into everything that is none of their business? You know, hounding you to throw away everything that might be high quality and "a showy display of one's means of life". Finding files on your tablet or MP3 player, forcing you to delete those files, and then imposing a password to put new files on the device (and they, not you, have the password). Making you throw away such as LED light bulbs (for those squiggly things that made you sick or nearly burned down your house) and quality flashlights and NiMH batteries and high-capacity chargers (for crap ones or none). Or, throwing away your silver and gold stash into the Worldwide Damnation Fund--or hounding you to throw it away. All in the name of "shepherding".

    As for me, I don't think they have any damn business doing things to schedule your every minute, show up at your job, or pry into your home or devices and decide what you cannot have. As for joke-hova, if that thing is going to destroy you for having a Fenix LD22 flashlight or a CREE LED light bulb, or a few Michael Jackson files on your MP3 player, or a few ounces of silver saved up for when the dollar becomes toilet paper or just because you feel like collecting a few Eagles or Kookaburras, is it really worth serving that thing?

  • schnell

    Your husband will have to make that call, but I agree with scratchme1010. We have to make the line clear. Maybe your husband didn't feel like being rude to his old friend and the CO, but sometimes that is necessary too.

    I work with dubs. I haven't been preached to yet, though I have been asked if I'm alright and invited to "talk". Ya know, because I have a beard so I must be discouraged. >_>

  • tepidpoultry

    Well schnell

    They will be wary of you as

    Everyone knows,

    That when you have a beard

    It means that you're hiding something :)


  • Steel

    I was actually in the hall when did they did the marking talk about my wife and me dating. I have never lost respect for another human so quickly. I was literally was ready to throw fists.

    In the long run it took alot of pressure off me with my wife no longer pressuring me attend.

    Opps wrong thread

    Marking talks

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    outlaw said jw's have no boundaries and I might add no respect like not preaching to morners at the crematoriam hard to believe I know that anyone can be so insensitive

  • tepidpoultry

    You don't seem to be aware of the JW practice of witnessing to mourners at open grave sites at cemeteries


  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    TP SAD to admit i did it myself in the 60's as an ignorant teenager Don't know what they do today though

  • redpilltwice
    When did it become acceptable to go to one's workplace and engage in a half hour conversation with your tablet in hand discussing scriptures?

    Not. What happened to the good old

    "I know you’re working, so I’ll be very brief.” (km 3/12 p. 2 par. 4)

  • Visitor1984

    WTWizard. . . They took your flashlights?

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