New Instructions?

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  • FedUpJW

    I may have missed it, but I just heard from a local elder that there are "new" instructions for how the two one day assembly's are to be conducted and handled......FIFTY-NINE pages worth. He said they will now all be put on the same as the regional conventions.

    Did I miss that letter/orders from "mother"? Anyone have added info.?

  • Londo111

    No matter what I'm still not attending.

  • suavojr

    I'm still inside with dad as an elder, and no word on that yet

  • FedUpJW

    Have to attend for personal reasons...for now.

    This supposedly just came out in the last few days. all sorts of meetings going on at the hall. Next CA is in four weeks.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    We would rejoice if they were down to just one 1-day assembly, 10 am-12 noon & 1:30 pm-3 pm.

    Although, with my smart phone & tablet, I tune out beautifully. Long live technology!


  • Londo111

    In a way, I suppose change is inevitable. In fact, one future day, circuit assemblies and the religion will be no more. In the meantime, things will be in flux.

    And lately, the rate of changes has increased as they seem to be rebranding. The floodgates have been released and it is not the same religion I grew up in. Who ever thought that the Theocratic Ministry School and Service Meeting would be thrown out the window and be turned into something else?

    I keep thinking now they've moved into their new HQ, they might feel comfortable enough to even drop a doctrinal bomb at this year's annual meeting.

  • _Morpheus

    In a surprise to me, Im somewhat interested in this nonevent. If there are changes id expect wifi to have them in hand soon enough. My half ass guess would be a move toward videos so that the message at all conventions would be universal and less room for individual variation. It seemed that was the theme at the small part of the district convention err excuse me regional convention i saw. Nothing earth shattering but a steady march toward futher homogenization

  • waton

    If true, more jws will be turned into drones, becoming disenfranchised slaves, devoid of any originality. The ancients will appear to be smarter and smarter.

  • slimboyfat

    I can't imagine what would require 50 pages of new instructions.

    As far as I'm aware they've dropped the name "special assembly day" and they have one 3-day convention and two 1-day conventions/assemblies(?). Apparently there's also a push to hold smaller 3-day conventions in assembly halls.

    That's about it, I think. Nothing major, unless there's something new.

    I think scrapping the large conventions would be a mistake because they are the most popular. The small assemblies are just like large congregations and pretty boring. But the relentless trend is toward more and more boring, so that's probably what they'll do.

  • Londo111

    Conventions and assemblies are moneymakers.

    I thought that perhaps one day circuit assemblies would only be held one day a year, but then it was pointed out that the Watchtower would lose a huge stream of revenue.

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