JW Statistics for "Britain" 2015 over 2014

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  • Mephis

    Population growth in Britain runs at 0.6% according to ONS. Average publishers for that many people could reasonably be expected to rise by around 800 as new unbaptised publishers/born-ins start counting hours. People are leaving faster than are being born in, and new recruits aren't covering it up.

    24m hours for an increase of less than 200 to average publishers is incredible in its waste of time. Mind boggling makework. No business could sustain that kind of crappy results from a marketing campaign. No-one could afford the £130m cost to employ people at even national minimum wage to even begin to achieve that level of failure. Bankrupt model is bankrupt.

  • wannaexit

    How many hours are required now?

    auxiliary pioneers are required to put in 50 hours a month. During the memorial season and the circuit overseer's visit they only have to put in 30

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    Over 60 publisher years for each baptism.


  • Simon
    auxiliary pioneers are required to put in 50 hours a month. During the memorial season and the circuit overseer's visit they only have to put in 30

    Wow, nothing screams "fake progress" more than relaxing the requirements to hit a peak so that they can rejoice over their accounting achievement, ignoring the whole point of the command to preach - to make disciples.

    Funny how disciple making is the one thing they don'e actually measure ...

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I've heard some place too that MS's and Elders are pretty much made ''mandatory'' to pioneer in the 2 visits per year of the CO. Pioneering during those 2 visits or perhaps having their MS or Elders status relinquished, for not taking lead, per se.

    Having put the auxiliary pioneer mark at 30 hrs, would make it unacceptable. Unacceptable to NOT pioneer, by some CO's standards.

  • Phizzy

    When I was a MS, for the last decade before I resigned, I did not Aux Pio when the C.O was there, and refused to go out DtoD at the weekend of his visit, couldn't stand all the sycophants and hypocrites.

    I also forgot on one visit the MS meets with the C.O and Elders Meeting LOL, I apologized, because I had simply forgotten it, he said "Oh, the others can tell you all about it", well it can't have been important, they never did.

    The above figures show that more are getting the same attitude I had, and slowing right down.

    The Org. is moribund.

  • slimboyfat

    I have to say I'm slightly disappointed. I thought we might see the start of real decline this year. But once again it's neither really one nor the other: not real growth or real sign of decline. Just somewhere vaguely bland and in the middle.

    With all the cutbacks, layoffs and general panic, if there is not real decline by the next report (by which I mean negative numbers in most western countries and zero growth worldwide at least) then we've got to ask really when will decline ever set in?

    I mean it's over a hundred years since 1914, their generation teaching is a pure mess, their new cart method of preaching is a joke, they are being torn to shreds in the courts and the media for their inhumane policies on abuse, they are cutting back on people and publications left right and centre, panic is palpable over finances in their public pronouncements, the number claiming to be anointed is getting ridiculous. How much worse can it get? If this doesn't produce a decline in numbers what on earth will?

  • Hoffnung
    These statistics are snapshot from August. There is no effect yet from the ARC or the cutbacks, since all happened during the summer. And even in 2016 it might still be early. It takes a while for any JW to wake up and quit, what makes someone wake up today will only appear in the numbers much later. The decrease in preached hours is a telltale sign though
  • Dold Agenda
    Dold Agenda

    we will not see anything from the cutbacks today until the 2018 yearbook.

    because the "year" is counted from sep-august

    so all the drawbacks of special pioneers from country's, that will be effective in january, will not be seen in the 2017 yearbook when they still can take statistics of publishers from sep-nov 2015.

    What we can see is number of baptism and memorials. highs of publishers can be 1,5 years old numbers depending on which month they take it from.

  • Gorbatchov

    The impact of all the scandals will be minimal.

    I remember my own thoughts when I was an active JW:

    - the world is against us, we have to expect persecution

    - where else can I go?

    - It's the best lifestyle for our children

    - ok, maybe not everything is good, but it's still a life insurance

    That makes that people will stay for years after the first doubts. We did also, isn't it?


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