Dunkin Donut style KH

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  • wolfman85
  • undercover

    Those renderings look like a doctor's office building.

    But I guess that is apropos... most people look forward to going to the KH about as much as they do the dentist's office

  • Crazyguy

    Kingdom Hall , soon to be your local dentists clinic.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    The new style buildings will be easier to sell for use by businesses. The old style were to house like and too specific and were not as easy to sell. This new trend tells me that the " Bible and Tract Society" is now more of a real estate investment society who profits by using free labor to improve properties that are intended to be sold in the future.

  • GreenhornChristian

    Thank for the pics Watchtower-Free.

  • Lostandfound

    How many have actually been built in US? In JW broadcasting Lett (I think) spoke of needs for scores of KHs in US when pleading for funding

    without the R B Cswhat is the reality?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I agree with your post Pete Zahut.

    When your religion goes stale and does not deliver the goods and the members start leaving in droves... what happens to the real estate and stocks and shares? Who benefits I wonder?

    If you reckon that there are around 107,000 congregations of JWs worldwide, (it used to be 114,000 two or three years ago) one half of the congs have a KH (through sharing) that makes it about 50,000 KHs and say half of these worldwide must be worth on average about $100,000 each. Therefore (25k x 100k) about $2.5 billion.

    It was in 1986 when the WT took over the ownership of all the KHs worldwide. In doing so they became, to use their own disparaging word an "organized" religion. The sale value of the property takeover by my rough calculation above... is a pretty investment coup don’t you think? Or was it theft?

    So do the new industrial style units built on saleable land make for a fail-safe investment for the WTBTS?

    Or is it a Freudian impulse to convert the remaining wealth into capital resources for when humankind stop believing in nasty religions or Watchtower paranoia?

    Is it a drive to secure the old age retirement fund for the “heavenly princes” when the true believers have stopped believing truly?

  • baker

    So when most quit going, it can be sold as a medical ER facility without much expense.

  • the comet
    the comet

    This is one of the first new Kingdom Hall designs they completed last November

  • the comet

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