If Jehovah God was in "Human Form" with his Theocratic Nation on earth in todays climate he would be facing Human rights issues.

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  • TheWonderofYou

    The number of accusations is many. However it will not come to such a fair judicial hearing at all if God turns human. Should he not return with power and glory but actually again in the figure of a humble nice guy ... this can get a source of some embarrasment for god.

    Theocratic gangs would organise publish shaming of such a prophet if he spoke against the truth-organisation. Tumults and protests would demand his death.

    Religious theocrats would pull him in the back room and advise him not to say that he was god, otherwise 2 or 3 witnesses would be enough to throw him out on the street and let him be stoned and trampled by the gangs.

    It well might be like the last time when he, the God-image came to earth, 2000 years ago, killed without a fair process again in Den Haag, simpley after saying: "Could it be that I am god?"

    The next time he turns human he will be silent and not mention that he was god, he will not be there to face the human right issues, some might say because he already did once and for all on the cross, others because we have already punished him and would only again cross him with such accusations....or simply because he is also fearsome.

    He perhaps would rather behave like a discreet Governing body guy, being not responsible for an form of inhumanity at all, refusing responsiblities, rather only change some rules from time to time within the society by sowing some seed of hope here and there but keeping the lores tight to remain in power and live wellfed or even perform some little resurrections but in secrecy.

    ... I m simply writing to use my keys.

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