Why does Jehovah choose certain people to rule with him in heaven?

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  • Finkelstein

    The ancient's expression of myriad of angels or lower powerful spirits comes from the ancients observing the myriad of stars in the heavens at night. ie.the supposed 144,000 would follow inline within that theological idea.

    Its been even suggested by ancient historians that the moon was also perceived as an incoming spiritual god to arrive and shine his light upon the world dispelling the evil darkness. ie. the Messianic savior.

    Most of the ancient's mythological ideas came from the belief or acceptance that there were supernatural deities that existed and controlled what was happening here on earth and whose unique and distinct god where effecting humanity. ie. the ancient Hebrews and their god Yahweh

  • UnshackleTheChains

    It mistifies me how the 144000 are to rule over mankind FROM heaven. Other bibles say they will rule ON earth according to revelation.

    I believe there will be exemplary ones who will make up an administration (holy ones) to rule over mankind once Jesus comes back again. It will be an organised perfect merciful kingdom with It's capital in Israel (Jerusalem)

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Here's THE SECRET: If you SAY you are one of the anointed and you behave yourself, NO ONE is allowed to challenge your claim!

    IF god did exist, he would probably take those who made false claims back behind the barn after making them cut the switch thay would be used to beat them.

    IF there is no god, it all means NOTHING. It is just a sub-set of The Organizational Game.

  • Finkelstein

    Mythological bullshit from the past equates to Mythological bullshit in the present.

    Bullshit sometimes makes people feel good about themselves.

  • Perry

    The general Christian view is:

    God chooses people to rule with him in Heaven who believe him.... between Calvary and the Great Tribulation time period.

    Christ gathers all the gentiles (and some converted Jews) who believe during the church age (times of the gentiles). Those still alive at Christs return "in the clouds" are evacuated to heaven (the 1st resurrection) just prior to the Great Tribulation.

    Then Jehovah reserves for himself 144K Israelites as a co-ruling class.... probably on earth (not as clear on this point).

    One is the Bride of Christ. The other is like a wife to Jehovah. (Remember that the New Covenant did not void the Old Covenant. The New Covenant is described as a better covenant.)

    Both groups rule with God during the Millennium over these groups:

    1. Other believing Jews found at the end of the GT

    2. Believing Gentiles found at the end of the GT who did not join the Antichrist to kill the Jews (Christs Brothers)

    These people enter the kingdom millennium on earth but are not immortal, can die, and can still pass on the sin nature to their children.

    At the end of the Millennium the age old question of nature vs. nature will have been answered, since many will still choose the sin nature over God, in spite of perfect government and peace.

    I am a Christian believer. And, I don't feel qualified to rule with Christ. But my feelings are not what guides my decision making. God's word does.

    People who get themselves in agreement with God now regarding abandoning the sin nature, apparently are given high priority and greater responsibility with God, whether they feel like they deserve it or not.

  • JW_Rogue

    Yes, the 144,000 number should be considered figurative as much of the book of Revelation is made up of signs and numbers. The earthly Paradise is really only founded on a couple of scriptures in Revelation and the promise Jesus made to the sinner on the cross. There are some scriptures in the old testament but those really apply to ancient Israel and weren't considered prophecy at all. The more plausible interpretation would be that all Christ followers are heaven bound.

  • waton

    Perry, a very good exhaustive summary, but it all hinges on the mythology, organisational spin the previous two posters (NN7 F) mentioned.

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